I'm vulnerable for you...
In this moment, my words only
come out true.
You say nothing but your actions
show we're through.
Leaving me to dwell in a reality
I wish I never knew.
I love you. Pshh you said this
but now your on to someone new.
you wore me out like an
old pair of shoes. and now I'm
left in the cold winter blues. Staring down two
paths. Which my heart does refuse.
Because neither one can I choose.
When neither one leads to you....
So show me, once more
that it is I you do adore.
Show me the beautiful passion
that once burned within your core.
Show me as you walk back through my door
that you will hold up my head as I lay abondoned on the cold hard floor.
Show me that you truly do still love me.
Because the thought that you'd leave is still to much for me to believe.
So help me now for I am weak. Crawling back to someone who hopefully loves me. Or loved me. But the thought of a fairy tale was always to lovely so now I've rudely been snapped back into reality. Crawling upon the floor consumed in agony.
(I wrote this poem in the mindset not of a man but within the tender confines of the loving female heart.)


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