Love Roast of civil rights

Wed, 03/13/2013 - 10:12 -- Dejajp


United States
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Love life, love hard, time moves on, whether you were apart of them at all. Can't move so stop trying, hearts bleeding, eyes crying. expiration date on the faith that keeps this alliance, building character to react in silence. Listen to what's true not what's artificial, a heart in the middle with our intials, writing your name in my notebook with a broken pencil, is that what our love is? An but let's toast to a roast about love. Back in the day people get shove just to walk in a door without being ignored by a certain skin color, sinful odor that permeates through the air that we breathe, since 63, the blood we bleed, is an investment of our ancestors who fought for you, for me, for humanity, for diversity, mercy please is what I scream while I'm still alive, have to be wise or the boycotts forever dies into ashes of nothingness. What civil rights proved is more than an assumption, but an erruption of a new era, to eradicate the terror and become one movement... a civil rights movement.

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