Tue, 03/08/2016 - 11:51 -- carosel


United States
33° 47' 42.09" N, 93° 22' 45.1416" W

It finds you 

in the early evenings 

slithering past ankles 

willing to be bit

until it circles you 

frozen with the news of

abandonment- how could they do this to be?

fangs sink down into skin 

knuckles dyed ghostly white

the poison trickles into blue veins 

staining them purple 

with the growing pulse of anger moving 

it reaches the heart 


it becomes more 

building a temple without your permission 

it rests in the throne it forged

the fires tickling your throat 

become as big as a forest 

rejection- am I not good enough? 

anger grows old and finds a partner 

your fists become a masterpiece 

 white canvas and a purple brush 

nails find a home in your palm 

anger is not enough

no, anger is just the start 

rage invades 

rage finds you

in the early mornings 



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