This Life Is Yours To Live


This life is yours to lead

This life is yours to live

Take the wheel from Jesus

Take control


Push yourself forward

Wait for no one

Take a risk, take a chance

Live by your own commands


This life is yours to live

Fuck what everyone else says

They aren't you


They try to tell you what to do,

What to wear

What music to like

What politician to listen to

"Go to college!" They'll say. "We fully support you!"

"But only if you choose this major"


"Wear this, eat that"

"Read this, watch that"

"Write this, listen to that"

"Make perfect grades,

Make lots of money doing what WE want you to do!"

"Always remember, we support everything you want to do!"


This life is yours to live, 

Not theirs. 

This life is yours to lead. 

Only yours. 


So go fucking live it. 


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