Searching for Stitches

You break my heart
Just a little each day
A rip, a tear
But nothing that sustains

I know that you love me
But do I really do?
Because half of my pain
Is the thought I mean nothing to you

I shouldn't feel this way
No, it isn't right
But then what should I feel
Please clear my clouded sight

Sometimes I think it's stupid
To blame myself
That flips on the anger
I've been resting on the shelf

It doesn't matter the blame
Because I only desire the solution
So whatever the secret
Tell me and lead me through it

I just want to be okay
I only want contentment
Because I'm at that point
Of pure resistance

My head has given up
My heart has given in
So I look to you now
And think of what's been

I don't desire that past
But in fact a new future
So I guess it's up to you
Grab the needle and suture


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