Wed, 07/06/2016 - 09:27 -- Kae.D

You expect us to stay docile in the face of oppression

To accept the death of our people without exception

You wish to see us stay quiet as our children lie wounded and bleeding

Is it a crime for sensing danger and to contemplate fleeing?

You expect to find crime in black hoods and black homes, but ignore the devils in white hoods and white robes

The cruelty seems to be far from discreet when a child’s blood runs down the street

We are kind and we are peaceful, but sooner or later we’ll be fed up with being seen as unequal

Your supremacy will soon fail, yes you, the structure that sent so many of us to jail

Our pain will not be reprised, the revolution will be televised, and soon the children of that revolution will rise

Our blood will no longer splatter and please believe we’re tired of hearing “all lives matter”

We’re tired of this deceiving and careless façade and tired of worshiping the white man’s God

And without a sliver of time to spend, we tell you now; your time has come to an end

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Our world
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