Wishful Desires


I laid on his shoulder

Recognizing his ceiling

His breathing so calm

So full of deception

I loved him

I'd fallen so hard it hurt

He'll change tomorrow I'd say

But yesterday was too similar to today


The cold winter snow at my feet

The sky grayer than ever


All I longed for was a touch

Just a touch.

To caress my face with the roughness of his palm

But it will never happen

So tender was the love I'd never have


Yearning for a look

Yearning for a kiss

Just a kiss.

One not so cold

Without the bitterness of his soul

So grand was my thirst

I willingly drowned within my tears


Maybe tomorrow I'd say

It must be tomorrow

He must love me

Why else would he crave for my body like he did?

Carnal pleasures

Nothing more.




omg i love it

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

nice poem

like the delivery

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