I'm so confuse

alone and a mess,

I'm sitting in this fucking desk

staring at my messy grades,

there worst then a wreck

where can i reset?


These teachers don't help,

they don't know our pain,

they don't understand,

even thought they say the opposite,

 its just another lie in their head,

they think they know everything,


"HEY, WAKE UP! were not in the same century."

if i could just say

how useless and lame

it is for me to come to school everyday,

that i have a life outside these walls,

that i have a dream i want to live

that's not related to this,

so education can go fuck itself in the rear,

that there is more to life then sitting here

and listen to you bark at my ear.


if i could just say

all that it needs to be said,

without any expulsion to expect,

it would have been said quicker then a heart beat.


But life is not easy,

its ugly and unfair.

There are things we need to swallow,

be strong and learn to hold them within.

if we can survive high school,

 there's nothing we can't beat.


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