Love? What is love?
Love is hurt . Love is pain
Love is the feeling of going insane
The things they portray in books, on tv, Ha! That's not love. They portray feelings of.never ending happiness, never arguing never fighting. Well honey let me tell you.

The day that you are so called in love and there has never been an argument and you have always been happy .. THEN YOU DON'T KNOW LOVE.
Love is when being without a person causes you to hyperventilate, have a epileptic shock.
Love is being hurt but not caring because for the person you love, what is a little hurt? Love is not mattering what the hell is going on around you because at the end of the day your baby, your ride or die, your homie, your partner, is in fact by your side and with the one you love nothing is impossible THAT IS LOVE


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