You’re so cold it makes me want to cry

Saying I’m okay is slightly more than a little white lie

I’m so pissed off, yet so sad inside

I’m locked in a battle I just can’t win

I wish you’d try to be civil now and then

I’m sick of spinning in circles again and again


I don’t want this tension and pure hostility

I’ve tried time and again to stop it to the best of my ability

I don’t like this fight that we’ve gotten into

It’s like we’re in a standoff, anticipating our next move

Well I’m alright with your silence to me

But not with the overwhelming icy heat

I don’t know how this went down, us firing the first shot

But we’re in a standoff, like it or not


You’re so cold, you’re subzero inside

To say I’m fine is a little more than a white lie

I’m so angry, yet so upset this time

I’m at a loss, not sure what to say

I want to apologize, but it’s too late

Our ex friendship is in a non-existent state


There’s something wrong, we both know

As I look at the hands you used to hold

What the hell went wrong

Our friendship used to be so strong


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