Bringing back the pain from the lonely past,
I hope your life burns, but forever last.
The confusion, guilt and hatred I feel,
Locks me away without a decent meal.
The poison you shot into my veins,
Made me realize I’m surrounded by lames.
The poison you shot in slowly seeps out,
Feel my darkness and hear my demons shout.
My demons shouts are filled with agony,
Listen to those sweet sounds in harmony.
Loneliness… is a blessed and cursed lesson,
Taught by my demons, class is in session.
The Art to prevent pain is survival?
Does that pertain to my demon rival?
Powerful words mess with my emotion,
Hatred fills up starting more commotion.
To hide the pain behind a broken smile,
Makes me feel as if I’m a lonely child.
Father oh Father please hold your child now,
She’s been praying trying to make a vow.
This world would be great without much cruelty,
A life goes by just like false loyalty.
The smart girl of our class is a Looney,
They like taunting her, her name is Bonnie.
Elementary, Middle School, Now High School
Going through Hell that becomes way too cruel,
Pulling out a knife slicing through her skin,
She feels this is atonement for her sin.
The past is set on repeat all the time,
Moving away doesn’t heal the soft crime.
Pulling out a knife slicing through her skin,
Depression begins to settle within.
Flowing warm blood create a sensation,
Cutting raw skin is her new temptation.
One crucial mistake follows her for days,
The guy she loves left her during her phase.
She lost more hope and let the demons stay,
They torment her soul almost every day.
There is no light to shine through her hatred,
She holds her only hope to be sacred.
Lost in her life of cruel hostility,
Demons cover her innocent body.
Craving the new life after death has come,
Crying at nights after she becomes numb.
If only this life wasn’t a bad test,
She would be at the top doing her best.
Living in the dark with nothing to fear,
All she wishes for is Death to be near.
Not worrying about the crazy stakes,
She’ll do almost anything that Death takes.

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