An inner angry me

My life is unusual I hate myself completely, if my life were a story I would just delete me 


I'm dramatic nd mad Im never fully happy, my only emotion being anger, nd attitude nothing less than crappy


I get irritated quickly hating all in my path, only silence can soothe me, nope not even that 


I'm a realistic person I hate having dreams, I know they won't come true, at least not for me 


Some say pessimistic nd I'm afraid I must agree so don't get in my way if I'm looking unhappy 


Ill crush Ur dreams by telling u the truth, nothing is easy so u might fail nd lose 


Don't pursue anything at all, don't even love, don't even live expecting to much


Why even bother giving people second chances,they stomp nd abuse u leaving u damaged 


I hate you nd I sure as heck hate me, I hate who I was and who I'm beginning to be 


I hate having hate, I hate stress even more I hate the fact that can hate, it makes me hate me even more 


Can I just love, cant I forget all the bad, bt everytime I'm ever hurt it brings me back to being mad 


I didn't choose this life God chose it for me He has some kind of plan that I just can't seem to see


Can anybody tell me why I was born when I was, is there a cure for this misery, anything bt love


Oh well I must say I have to live with me so I have to get use to this me who is some what depressing







I think we all feel like this sometime. You just have to remember that tomorrow's another day, a new day, a new chance to be happy. Your poem's really good though, I can feel the emotion.


Wow thanks ! I didn't think anyone would read it lol. I appreciate the feed back

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