random vent

i scream and shout 

finally letting my anger out

hurting everyone around me 

this isnt how i want to be 

 standing here  shaking like a leaf 

i put my anger away like a sword in a sheath 

no matter how i hard i try i cant seem to communicate

more frustrated than a fisher who cant get a fish to take the bait 

slowly i begin to realize maybe my world isnt so lonely after all

theres people who care for me practically at my beck and call 

my oh so stormy sky is  only partially cloudy now  

i cant believe i was oh so willing under pressure to bow

the pieces of the puzzle are slowly falling into place

im finding  i have no need for an anger forged mace
my tunnel previously full of shadows now has light 

the answer to my problems is no longer always flight 

it seems that after all this time i may finally be able to cope

for now it appears i finally have a reason to hope 





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