The true me

Sun, 01/12/2014 - 03:20 -- AjE


I've been standing here longer than you think,

just taking a very long good good look at me

through the eyes of those who know, those who don't,

and those who don't give a damn.


There're just so many versions of me's,

and sometimes i wonder if they're all like me.

That's why i'm here now looking at me even closely.

I doubt if he's thinking what i'm thinking.


I've seen bad me's, arrogant me's and ungrateful me's.

I've seen good me's, loving me's and caring me's.

Being a reflection of me doesn't make him me, does it?

Cuz only me! a.k.a "the real deal" know the true me.


So i've been trying forever to narrow down the many me's

back to where it all began: the only me, the true me. 

Guide that inspired this poem: 



Very powerful concept we all have many versions of ourselves but you have to figure out your true self keep on writing

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