Scars Above


with honor, i wear all my scars
reminders of the victories over my wars
but more importantly than the pride
are the lessons they brought by
that keep me thankful and grounded
aware of my gifts, potential abounded
to do whatever i wanted
but this never seemed right, skills shouldn't be flaunted

cuz why the f*ck should i be blessed?
when people are starving, cant even get dressed
it ain't fair, it ain't right
why should they suffer these plights?
while i do not
so f*ck getting rich and going to the top
something more should be sought
we should use our gifts to give to those with naught

f*ck selfish desires, forget selfish wants
you think that's living you idiot savants?
a hedonistic life is for the pathetic
they're too dumb to even regret it
too blinded by the supposed success
immediate gratification doesn't make you the best

but hey, i guess i understand
sh*t, its hard when no one thinks you're the man
no good deed goes unpunished they say
but if we're sittin here waiting for the pay
then i hope it never comes
quit looking for medals, go help someone
take solace in knowing you're doing whats right
the results of your works will come to light
maybe not in your lifetime but it don't matter
good works can't be done just to be flattered

all i'm really trying to say
what i truly want to convey
is not the anger or disgust
that's peaked through, i trust
but rather a call to action
for any and all factions
for you, for them, and for me
we can't stay lost in our ignorance so blissfully
we must live our lives thinking of others
think of the whole world as our sisters and brothers

i don't care who or what you think is the higher power above
we must all live our lives looking through the lens of love


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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