Would You Let Me Fall?

Once you gave me roses,
Yellow pink and red. 
You cooked me up a dinner,
You talked me into bed.

But now it's only poppies
I'm given, if at all.
If you noticed I was slipping,
Would you let me fall?

Let me bring you coffee.
Let me cuff your sleeves.
Say you'll always love me.
Say you'll never leave.

Say you'll always need me.
Promise that you'll try.
Revive me if I'm silent,
Don't just let me die. 

Remember when we twisted?
Remember when we sighed?
We slept, and then we didn't. 
We laughed, and then we cried. 

Or maybe I was crying. 
It really got me down 
That, when you saw me treading,
You left me there to drown. 

You tell me that I'm pretty,
You tell me that I'm kind,
You say it's never-ending,
I'm always on your mind. 

But no matter all the poppies
You give me by and by,
If my wrists were bleeding,
You would let me die.


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