It’s like he’s trapped in a cage.

He’s building up rage

Within the days

He’s been spending in this place

Where he’s stuck,

Surrounded by his own thoughts and emotions

That his demons brought

Who would have thought

Someone so pure would be in this cause

Who’s been driving him insanely

A mind where it’s filled with calamities.

And difficult technicalities

In his senses where the demon dances

In his head, leaving him brain dead

A possession of aggression

His soul ripped into sections

Even an angel can’t give his mind a full inspection

It’s like he’s an exception

He lives in his own inception

While the demon messes with him.

It’s messing up his affections

And his joy is the demon’s collection

And the demon spread all over

It’s like an infection

Of lies and deception

And he doesn’t even give a recollection

He wants his life to past[pass] to the future

But the present goes for the interception

Drowning him in a sea of depression

Washed by waves of recession

He fights with words of expression

He writes all the thoughts that express him

He writes so people can just respect him

See and feel all the pain that gets him

He wishes that the pain won’t affect him

Stupid he is, the pain only breaks him

He just wants people to accept him

The pain the demon feeds him

He was lured like Adam

When he ate that apple in Eden

He wonders what people think when they see him

Would they accept him if he could be him?

He’s psycho, he yells at the air

Two bottles of Ambien as his spare

Anything to pass all nightmares

Sleeping while the demon stares

Now see if he even cares

He’s escaping the darkness

Lighting up the flares

He’s taking his life back

His brothers are there to catch his back

Taking better roads than he did in the past

Taking one that happiness could actually last

As long as he’s out of the cage

As long as he’s out of the rage

Well whatever the weather be

I’m only going to be a better me


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