I take a deep breath
Inhale deep
To keep my tears
Keep all of my unwarranted hurt
unwanted anger
At bay
Despite the boiling rage
That unexplicit betrayal inside
I smiled on the outside
Pretend that it doesn't faze me
That I am still okay
But it is killing me
How could I have been so stupid?
How could I have not seen it sooner?
That is what I get for trusting someone other than myself
I honestly thought we didn't keep secrets
Didn't play games
But now I am beginning to see that my maybe I was just a game
Just a distraction
Despite now knowing the truth
I dry my eyes
Sit up a little straighter
And smile
Playing a part
Maybe I should win an award for best actress
For best masker of the pain
of the heart
I turn my frown upside down
and take a deep breath
I am still in control

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