When You're Gone

Wait... Stop... Please?

I beg you to reconsider

You're beginning to fade away

Already one foot in your grave


This life will get you

Pit you in the middle between lions and bears

Yet all you can say is "shit I don't care"

I guess to you that's fair but...


What happens to us when you're gone?

The grieving mothers who bare scars of your birth?

The hardened brothers who wanted to be just like you?

the sisters whose tears streams the length of their faces?


You picked a battle that had no victor

A violent beginng to an ending just the same

shits lame,

You played the losing game and left a legacy of empty shoes


Your proud collection of Air forces still in their boxes

The jerseys, the hats, the clothes...

You left a constant reminder that you're no longer in them

We too are the victims.


Money hungry, you greedily salted the earth

scorched the bridges with your ambitions

commited treasons with each and every season

You were alone... Or so you thought.


Never did we abandon you

as if you were a stray bullet we ducked and dodged

we kept up with your constant barrage of Fuck you's and I don't cares

Paying the bills you stiffed us with


As we exhale our tears expels

the lower lips swell of sadness

and though we might not yell

Our bodies are screaming of how much we miss you


So be you,

Continue to cast us aside

through pride I'm sure we'll find our freedom

So some day we'd no longer be YOUR victims.......




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