The Naked Defense

Admonished for daydreaming
Like a sleepy cat on a sun-drenched windowsill
I only wanted to be fully clothed, telling jokes
Not standing naked in front of the men
Whose tongues are forked, devil's tongues
As I defend my point
With no dressing gown, I'm dressed down
For the event of the century. 

I didn't want to be domesticated, 
I wanted men to look at me with soft smiles 
And say, "Oh, she's pretty."
I didn't want to be catcalled at
But I don't really mind if you look at my breasts or butt
Just don't hurt me. 

I mean, I look at you lustily too! 
But, there's a point where attraction turns deadly
Where we're trapped in basement cells
"Oh, you're just an ugly feminist.:
Yeah, I suppose I am.
So f**k you.


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