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I wonder if you think of me  in the way I do of you.   Does your heart flutter, or do you get butterflies?   Does your heart ache,
I remember swiping on your profile Your eyes like stormy skies I remember your smile The way it tilted slightly to the right And the way I couldn’t stop staring at you   But it almost feels illegal
Tell me about the scattered-star sky. 
it’s her.  i get lost in her eyes, her voice, her ideas.  when she talks, i listen.  when she’s quiet, 
1. Silent. Keep walking. This is not worth my attention. - 2. I don't have the energy for this. If you're gonna try something, just do it, or leave me alone. -
When I start to die, I look to the sky I’m shaking and crying and I don’t know why And that’s the worst part Because how can I explain what i don’t even know  
Welcome to lake indifference Here you will find the vacation home of every man I have ever loved. Starting with cabin 208 Occupied by all the men I accidentally loved in high school. Or at least I thought I loved.
I want to build you a library and fill it with all your favorite books And all the reasons I still love you. And I will never stop adding to it That way you can wander the halls of my heart chambers forever.
This is my gay poem My poem about pride And about finally coming out to my parents after 23 years But you know some news falls on cotton-filled ears Never bothering to ask where they got the cotton from.
I was 16 years old when I finally realized that I was gay. When I finally understood why I had so many girlfriends, But could barely speak to other boys I was 16 years old when I first kissed a boy
Why haven’t you come out? It doesn’t make sense You know your parents would… probably accept you They are allies, you know that much
My senior year of high school I joined the school’s swim team Not because I particularly liked the idea of spending my afternoons mindlessly swimming laps in a public pool. Or the smell of chlorine in my hair
  I love when a man is nervous to talk to me for the first time Not in a masochistic way Or a rude way I just love the way they blush Or the way they trip on their words Or fidget with their fingers
I had a boy come up to me once When he heard I’d be singing at our high school’s senior award ceremony. To ask “what will you be singing? a whale song?” He turned to his friends and began to laugh
Straight people can be so nosy sometimes There’s always something y’all want to know about what I do in the bedroom. But at the same time none of you really do And honestly I don’t understand.
God give me the serenity I do not deserve. A luxury bought with the blood of those who came before me. Give me the peace that comes from a privilege I did nothing to earn. And tell me I am loved
First: Jesus loves you. Even if he is the only man who does at the moment.   Two: your sexuality and your religion are not mutually exclusive and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  
Today I realized the word Shepherd, is one "e" away from Sheep herd Which isn’t enough to write a poem about But it was enough to make me not kill myself today.
They call me a slut They call me a slut because I sleep around I guess that’s what they call it They call me a slut because I am good at making men feel good I am good at making men feel good because it makes me feel good.
Is that really us? What happened to our graphic tees? The white tube socks? Do we always cuff our jeans now? How do you make it look that neat? We never really do neat Or I guess we never used to.
I am dreaming about pies Or maybe it was chrysanthemums Or the way your laugh sounds like distant thunder and I always loved thunderstorms.   I hear your breath in my ear to remind me that it is 7pm
We used to write, you and I, When I was too small to grasp The world or anything in it, And you were afraid Of what I would find if I knew; So I waited by the mailbox For your watchful answers.
Depression is a drag queen She sashays across the floor Covered in sparkles and makeup So you almost forget. You almost forget how alone you feel How the bar is empty
                                                              HOMOCID Rainbows people, look around! Don't you notice anything?! Every second, every moment, the Higher powers, that created the world,
The year I was born Was the same year Matthew Shepard was murdered The same year blood filled our televisions And anger burned our throats The year I was born was when everything changed
Empty This is the best way I can describe how I feel right now How I feel knowing that it’s over That our adventures are over That the plans we made will never come to fruition
You are my everything you are the breath that i take the blood that runs through my veins you are the very essence of my soul you are every fiber of my being without you i am nothing
I could never write love poems til I met you. Could never describe how it felt to love To love as deeply as I do As I have I could never write love poems without them becoming tear drops on the paper
Friday night, first week of May, you brought me here like a child. Hungry for new experiences. A new world. Scared that that world might not accept him as he is. Nervous.That night we drank, we danced, we laughed, and we kissed…. 
I never told my parents I was gay. Never mentioned that I would not be giving them grandchildren. An eleven year old’s mind, full of insecurity, but eleven year old’s will listen. Listen to the news that you watch
The rain falls, the ponds are filled, but sadness and gloom it brings.  I fell again, in what they call "love".  But this time is different, a kind of love i couldn't easily get over, 
FlowersLilacs and cock, your hips are showingLilacs, lilacs, lilacsSports shirt is tight, bury me in your pitsLilacs, lilacs, lilacsHairy hole, cherry lubeShoppers brandLooking for a stemMoaning bitch, cumming on my chestHairy hole, I tied your st
Oh my sweet boy You who were once my morningstar Far away and too far gone Lost amidst the endless sea Drowning you with each crushing wave
A minute is slicing my nerves It gives me a pressure along my body's curves Muting my voice down to the silence Betraying me, my gestures are put in defiance  A minute ago I was a human
it's like being a dandelion in a field of flowersyou look like them, you smell like them, you feel like them   but you're a weed  
Cutting through the dark   It's a cold, it's a dark which dwell in my shivering heart   My fears make me chasing through the losses I bear,   All these pieces which are falling apart.  
Spreading my lashes outwards to the sun, moon and stars. Connecting bodies as a rhizome, Emerging here and there, lost in nowhere. Moulding rhythms, rhymes, tones, flights and falls between the words.
I've been uprooted thrice. First found no comfort in being myself. By  being swept off the ground. The people hanged stigma over With voices harsh and loud Second, the state failed to make me proud
Remain untouched by the love and acceptance of the other Stay beyond of life and people's circles You're all alone  The best you can do is to hide yourself from your mother
What does it mean to be American? It means slowly getting rights to have them stripped away again People will contrast the Time changes of Then versus Now
It has been two years today Since I have had a fight with my then girlfriend And, crying bitterly, I entered the living room Replied to my father’s concerns And let him know his daughter was dating a girl.
My girl had sparkly blue eyes And told the most fantastic lies. I sat, looking into her chest As she put me through another one of her Twisted tests.  She had me addicted  To her peppermint tongue,
I keep a list of the people I could have fallen in love with in my mind It’s a list that grows by and by each day Like the boy I “dated” in sixth grade
yesterday i fell in love fell in love the day before too and the day before that and on and on and on stretching back to when i first met you two  
2:30AM: I say to you, I cannot bare to continue feeling this unloved, this unworthy of love. You said to me, “remember we are strong” as if it was something I could forget, but I had.
I am lesbian, I am gay, I am bi, I am trans, I am straight. I am love, I am kindness, I am caring. I am more then my trauma. I am more than my abuse. I am more than my scars. I am what survival looks like. I am human.
Depression grips my wrist like a child in a storm Holding me a hostage, in my head and in my dorm Filling me with sadness that cannot be explained Like my head is full of cannon balls and my ankles all but chained.
Never fall for it. stop falling for it. her beautiful smile and soft skin. how she tricks you into coming back. How somehow everything is your fault. She could stab you, but the kiss heals the pain 
For once I’m actually happy Despite all the shit that happens, She makes my day better   It doesn’t matter if my parents don’t “agree” with it My dad and I butt heads all the time
You make me smile in a time I forgot I knew how. A twinkle in my eyes and a sweat on my brow To stifle a laugh under breath made of steel You taught me to laugh, to smile, and to feel
A lullaby drifts on a distant breeze Sapphire’s twinkle in the light of his eyes Dust settles down like the my tears when they cry While a sweet silent shiver drips down from the skies  
The demonic souls cut your self-worth for a game To you it was all second nature but the shame With the understanding that they were better It was all fun and games in that camp letter
Because I love you,  I can get up in the morning. It may be a simple thing, But the way you smile at me when you see me get out of my car Bedhead, too hot tea, and bad jokes and all? It makes it worth it.
Times never change, Sappho//You could not weave and I could not write tonight//She asked me to write her essay for her (she hates English class) and I said yes—like a fool to the stockades//I turned my essay in late because of her but it
He was born Sophia. But it doesnt fit him, and that name is as dead as the flowers I have pressed in my journal. Always there, a reminder, what I have to call hm in front of his mom.
How messed up is it that we live in a world  Where blue is for boys and pink is for girls   Where it’s better for men to have a gun than a doll
Dear God, Why have you made me this way? What is the purpose? You say that those like me; We are to burn. You don’t make mistakes,
Hey. I'm Benz. I changed my name when I was fifteen,  I'm many things. Buddhist, retired emo, a little bit of a stoner. I'm a little hipster, a little grunge, and little spacey,
"I wish someone would write about me like this." "Someone does." You didn't believe me but you were all I wrote of today.          
My day was shit Until you came up in conversation And then I went on about you My face lit up and I felt all sunny yellow inside Even my cheeks went strawberry pink
I am consumed by her. I am consumed by all of her being.
i’m scared.   i’ve been consumed by my selfish wants, consumed by me craving to hold you, consumed by dreams of a better reality
Snakes are all around me. And, it becomes harder to know who to trust. I want a friend, but are you just using me? You say you'll change for me and you are.
i see you in the morning light, with silver eyes like the hanging moon i try to look away, but I’m drawn to you caught in some sort of morning light spell
How sickly sweet is my lover A sinful candy, pink like her lips that soothe my questioning mind  
lesbians are not real, peeping tom. the ones that u want anyway. dreamland lesbians: straight girls in sheep’s clothing that succumb to men’s advances eventually. only existing when u
if i was her boyfriend i’d invite her to stay the night at my house if she likes, she would say “yes!”, we’d grab snacks i would nervously rest my head on her shoulder o why did I wear a dress?
cross my heart and hope to breathe / suck the air into my lungs like a promise broken / like wind in the air singing hymns across a desolate plain / and wish for something different or better or nothing at all / because this is my story and our st
apollo would be gay he would dance with his sister playing on his harp or lyre emmitting sunlight from his skin  he would eat grapes and speak in poetry and  all his children
He was looking at me with a hunger in his face that boys like me learn to ignore as soon as we can climb a tree. I have never climbed a tree. I was curious.   “What are you
You hide behind pages withered with millenia of hatred  Each letter an excuse for you to say "I don't care if they hold hands, Just don't do it front of my kids."
To the girl who thinks being gay is a choice:   Honey what is you doing?
I wish I could tell you I have something to say But when I finally try to You walk far away   The somethings a secret That only I know I tried hard to keep it But it’s starting to show
I'm sitting on your bedroom floor talking about nothing but how could I not want more?   you're laying in bed telling me about your latest fantasy asking if the same thoughts are running in his head
the feel of your hair while you rest your head on me should be a crime, it isn't fair   the look in your eyes while you tell me you're here to stay makes me want to ask if you'll be mine  
A Christian boy in love with another...         is it really against the rules? I first realized three years ago, as        I was sitting in my chemistry class,    that the boy next to me was                                        c u t e
I just stood there Almost paralyzed by your beauty  Yet, Letting your hurtful words cut me so deep I started to bleed from my wrist My blood was as red as her matte lipstick 
He seemed odd to me. That’s what I was told to see. “Don’t let him near you”   Now I see the truth, Does not matter who you love; Just know I love you.  
By now in life you have faced some demons; Learned the corners and closets to avoid.                               You coddle your innocence In the soft and cuddly things around you.  
I am a cloud I will water this land I will see it grow Nothing can destroy me My hope keeps me strong I can see the acid they pour It is weak Their attempts cannot stop a storm
He is thirteen Navigating school hallways and people and the nooks and crannies of his developing body But one thing he can't figure out Is what's wrong with him
Years locked up, forbidden A rush of feeling unleashed Everywhere I look I am reminded Of the beauty and love I once turned away from
Im sorry I grew up mom I’m sorry I’m not your little girl anymore..But no matter how many times you try to deny that it’s me and I need to change Frankly you have no say in this matter....
i've done it. okay? i've done a lot. i've laughed till i peed myself, cried until my throat was sore, figured myself out so i wouldn't have to
Where foot petals unfolded Under canopies of foliage was a place Neither good nor bad -- Was simply beyond. Rumi told   Me this: these words tattooed
On the water there A petal breaks the silence, suddenly submerged lungs aching for breath, alone, more words tumble from the mouth. Mirror, mirror, As I speak to you the petal finds a break
On the water there A petal breaks the silence, suddenly submerged lungs aching for breath, alone, more words tumble from the mouth. Mirror, mirror, As I speak to you the petal finds a break
I. maybe it was selfish to call this love. but is it greed when all we have is each other? II. i watched the world end when i was young;    where there was light before, now there is silence.
“Yes” I finally said and my mother’s eyes filled with tears her gut with pain her words with poison   my father left my room   my brother looked at me why his eyes said
Eigth grade is when I found out That straight did not define me A single small peck On the lips was that it took.   Oh, how scared I was I had grown up around hate That those who are gay
When you hurt There is a malevolent force  One feeling you can feel Which is all great remorse.   It was only once Wait it became twice The feeling was so good It became thrice.  
Dirty Dirty, dirty words How dare you speak them in my house My home, His house Who I am is not dirty But let it be undefined, unspoken
coming out to you was a roller coaster of emotions.   you didn't seem to  take it very well.   i tried to tell you it didn't make me any different.  
Outcast you may call me. If that what it has to be. I will not change my ways. Because you can't accept, what is happening these days. It is not a crime for me to love.
Dedicated to someone special .
Chants of slurs follow people down the streets through the halls in jobs in home. Places supposed to be sacrad and safe Turned against them.   Nobody woke up and asked to be called 'Fag'
She is ample long, luxurious locks that unlock me plentiful, sloping curves that my tongue skiis down she provides rich milk nourishing my pounding heart soft, plump lips whispering
 When the rain has dried on windows, do you think of me? The aftermath of a downpour Nothing but a resin left, ugly, tainted Or do you hire the cleaners out? wipe away any memory, start fresh New windows  
I'm sorry I'm sorry I like girls  I probably failed you In this world boys date boys I am sorry for being straight I know this comes as a shock my mothers And I will be able to have children
Hey. I’m here I’m Queer, And I’ve come to say:   Sometimes I’m quiet Locked in a box, Silent with family,
Who is that man? Hot damn! He was the man who let the dogs out I found him in a treehouse  Get out of that tree house! Now he walks with million dollar pants Bring forth the second coming!
(Dyke, Him, He,fag,) I- I’m just going to call and tell her (Rinng, ringgg)  uggh hello . Mom- Yes Imani. I- I have something to say. Mom- Yes Imani what is it. I- I’m gay.
I don’t know you yet But I know that you are beautiful I don’t know if you’ve met my family But I know that you are mine now  
The peace I will feel when,  my eyes are unable to blink,  when my legs are unable to swing. the peace I will feel when,  my hair stops growing, mouth stops smiling.  The peace, when my heart
Euphoria, the feeling a bee feels when it finds a daisy. the feeling a dog has,  when it finds a bone a bird, a seed. a lion, a zebra  me, you. 
I feel like an artist,  Desperately trying to blend, My darkened soul,  Into the rainbow that was once,  My mind. 
Your hands slowly,  Trace their way down my thigh.  Your lips, Make their way to my chest.  But what is lust,  If we don’t have love?
Love,  when I was young,  i was told I would fall in love, why didn’t you tell me, how much it would fucking hurt. 
I feel the breath being pulled straight from my lungs. They feel themselves collapsing back into the same stars that they were born from. I feel my heart pounding.
When I met her I didn't know one day That I would see the world in her eyes When I met her I didn't anticipate Her laugh becoming the sweetest Melody I've ever heard When I met her I didn't know
unfortunate feelings   I had completely fallen for him I loved him Undeniably adored him I loved him so much that i forgot to love myself
I am a rare and wild virgin flower in a field filled of poison ivy.  The kind of poison that's been infecting my life and trapped inside me.  And as I become wilted no longer able to get up, my family has been by me. 
Something about you So different from the others Something about youI can’t explain, but I love it Something about youStands out from the rest Something about you I just can’t resist
All those things combined make me want to hold on to you forever For worse or for better You should already know that you are my treasure  And when we together nothing can ever measure  Your arms are my shelter 
I observe & your face says it all When I’m pleasinWhen I’m teasinWhen I’m eatin..Juices like honey Natural & raw 
I like statistics and I’m relying on data, my logic is probably the lunchroom is full of a couple dozen gay kids thinking damn, I hate how everybody here is straight
What is the problem with a kiss? Nothing that is what people would say but if I add in one word gay one word they freak let me try this again. What is the problem
Flashback A scared 12 year old Alone, afraid, abstract Knowing they were  Different Than other girls   A stolen glance at school An unflattering haircut A google search for
A haircut It all started with a haircut seems kinda stupid But there it is   Pleasant smiles Suddenly became confused glares
Poetry changed my life, Poetry set me free and let me fly, Poetry taught me to love myself and never cry, Poetry has forever changed my life.   Without poetry I would be caged,
"Have you ever dated a girl?" He asked. I wanted to tell him that she grows flowers from her veins
Words have never sat on my tongue well Never tasted like sweet juleps in summer heat Or rolled like a Rolls Royce out of my mouth Instead caught in the cracks of the dirty pavement,
How was I supposed to know you seriousness, we’ve joked about that apple for so long, When picked; my breath fled along with my nerves. Sure, we were best friends and I neglected to inform you of my love for you,
Growing up I realized I lived a life denied In a lie I started young in denying my truths So the inside of my head ran ragged with words unsaid
To be happy in loves eyes  Is as simple as a couple pretty lies  To care less what is true  Just as long as I'm with you    
I don't remember when I first heard the word I don't remember when I first knew what it meant I don't remember anyone telling me
uncomfortable hatred casual dislike heart on edge whenever the word is whispered i hear them say it in that hushed tone
I would say I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, But sometimes, it’s more like I’m stuck between a rock and the ground. I’m pinned in place, and I can’t move.
Girls are great They have nice hair They wear cute clothes They are super nice They are very smart They're cute. cool
Boy meets  boy Girl meets      girl boy kisses  boy  Girl kisses      girl Girl gets                       shunned  Boy gets                       praised 
Do you truly understand what it means to be locked away? You see all my life, I have been stuck without even realizing it
I am too I am way too please            help me                               because I                                     am too    
  Did you see it In my eyes? How five words ...or was it six…? Made me the happiest Girl Happiest friend
I guess I mistook The reasons I have you And the reasons you have me We aren’t meant to fall in love Now Or ever I’m meant to be
No honey please don’t be so sad… Trust me I know Everything Because I was you In a way I still am Please…
You are a painter who paints in my mind you show me the world I wish I could find A world where I’m happy with you by my side a world where our love has no reason to hide.  
i know you're just a girl but still i feel like you put me through the wringer, twisted up my body till i was nothing but wet eyes.
to my dearest, i remember seeing you for the first time i remember falling for you for the first time it was like jumping off of a cliff & not worrying about the fall
For those who told me I was weak, I'm afraid to say, you're wrong. My mind,  my body, my voice, they are not weak because you don't understand them. They are like a delicate ghost,
To you, the struggling rainbow after each dark storm. To you, my gorgeous warrior, my faithful sun. Do not stop fighting, but if you must, do not let yourself be silenced.
I couldn't save you, My friend. Whose smile was big and great, your eyes peeking out over the moutain of cheek. Your short hair that you tried so desperatly to grow out.  
  I want to find the words The words to explain explain how I feel as a kid today   You try to listen
Dear Sydney,   Out there, I’d be bare, Stripped down, naked, A silhouette, faded.   Can’t you understand?
Dear Father,    Where has she gone? When I came out to her, she wore a black-lace veil and mourned the death of her grandchildren   Little, little mirror
Dear Morning Air, Do you remember that morning?
Dear Richard,
Dear future, love my past:  
To my 18-year-old self, I know you are scared Because it took you forever To admit to yourself That you might be gay.   I know you’re confused Because you’ve liked boys before, too
To the boy on the bus, with the thick brown hoodie and the old running shoes and the wireframed glasses and the ripped jeans that started at the knees when you bought them but strecthed to your lower thigh.  
Last night of October—we lay on the floorWarmly aligned from our shoulders to hipsBy the orange soda fizz of a loud movie scoreLast night of October—we lay on the floorIn the dusty blue attic beneath the trapdoor
ah, look at you. you’re a plum pit to me, a cratered seed of stability amidst rotting flesh, the nectar of bee stings rolling off you
August 23, 2017   Dear Mom, Please read this entire letter through and don't skip around; read this before opening the email I sent you. Please keep an open mind. I love you!
You come into this world with the reassurance of acceptance and love.
Funny Funny how people scream and shout, opinions that were not asked for.   Funny how people are rude, yet hypocritical when treated the same.  
Isolation is the mask that disguises us from those who do not wish to observe. They have eyes, but they cannot see that we are all the same, just unique. I pray that one day they will open their eyes, so they can read in between the lines.
do you remember, when your lips softly brushed mine, and my heart was a bird escaping it's cage, and my soul had wings bursting from my back, because you smelt like cocoa butter and tasted like strawberries,
dear my love,   everytime we are apart i wish to relocate closer to your heart.   i love you so very much and i tell you this everyday. still, one day i wish to hold you closer
there was a sun, there was a moon, each who ruled her hours sun, she satupon the clouds, moon, among the stars.  "there is no light i can make",said the moon to her love.the sun shone bright,and nowat night,you can see her up above. halfway across
Welcome to the Closet. Here you will discover the many wonderful things I cherish.   On multicolored hangers, an array of shirts and dresses are organized by clothing type.
I am trapped in the closet, Such a scary place, With monsters around me, About to bite my face.   I hold on for dear life, Day after day, Waiting, just waiting, Will I fade away?  
 Her fingertips like magic, Sending sparks through my body. I close my eyes and imagine my hair wrapped around her fingers,
alone burning with anger becoming stone the only defense she gets hate from a stranger she didn't do anything worth offense .
He lets me know my emotions aren’t to be belittled, for they are natural. He tells me I’m I’m foolish to have thought otherwise.
This is ridiculous What is ridiculous? This poetry thing. The one you told me about? Yeah. That one. What's wrong with it? It just isn't enough. What isn't enough? The whole thing.
The Earthly Angel The dying blue planet, his home, without True Pink Had not one to love him, not one to form a link.  
I’ve been here before Way too many times. I’ve spent countless nights in terror Letting out frantic cries. I’ve plotted my death Again, again, and again. I’m willing to give up this fight, After all, it seems to have no end To you, to him, to her 
She walks with confidence, Her heels clicking with each step, She blows a bubble as pink as her lips, Her petticoat swishing side to side,
How she hated that color, It made her ill, it made her sick, The color of candy corn, pumpkin guts, and unnatural cheese,
Grandfather, I thought you loved me? You said it as you held me close. All the times we laughed with glee, And when we would garden outside. Then we were in your room, I froze I begged for you to leave me be
A day passes by, They hurt me for who I am, "I will get stronger"
The sun is hot and painful It leaves scars on the skin It brings fires to homes The sun is blinding But I can’t stay away from him  
  She is everywhere Even now, I swear she never left She’s in every car ride When rock songs play The echoes of the way she sings
The first time I realized I loved you You were sitting in front of the TV, It was glowing around you like you were Something holy
Because you love me You would answer every shaky breath of mine with "are you okay?" Because I love you I kissed away your tears and held you so tightly Because you love me
Mother, she is light. She bounces off tin-foil lakes, soothing tides. She warms the back of my eyes every dawn. She is a sunspot amongst freckles and stars. She lets me look on beauty.
I liked it when you told me I would be your princess on a pedestal I liked it when you told me life with you was never dull I liked it when you told me I was perfect I liked that I was the one you picked
The colour of her dress as I dipped her on the dance floor that night The colour of the sky as we strolled around town, aimlessly The colour of the water as we splashed in the sea
I don’t know if these feelings are right or wrong, but is anything right or wrong. We go through life-fighting; fighting for love, fighting our fears.
Love comes gently. A grazing of hands or A smile. It is then that you will realize that love, Is not searched for, But found.  
When you wake up and snuggle into our pillows Your smile when we see after a long time How you hide your face when we are called lovers
I fall in love with the way people live The way people are Their eyes and how they crinkle when they laugh The way their hair falls in just the right place The feeling of their arms around you
Mom, I’m gay I’ll talk to you later. I’m sorry (but not really), I’m in love with a girl. She is stunning, My heart is full.  
You don't know who I am So why tell me what to be? You don't know what I've done So why tell me how to feel? Why can't you say my name  Without wanting to rip out your throat?
I've spent my life in closets   First, it was the closet of a loner A child without friends in a world of hate The closet was small, suffocating, and lonely
Because I love you: I’ll make sure you eat and drink, I’ll stop pestering if you say “I’m not hungry.” Because I love you: I’ll wipe your tears when you cry,
 Sometimes when I sit all alone I sense someone never known Yet this never surprises me   The ghost of fingers in my hair Whispered words through the air Still impeding actuality  
my love for you is beautiful and lyrical and poetic, it is pure and it is natural - it is good and it is real - 
Hands held tight, Skin against skin, Their warmth was shared In the lonely, cold dorm room.   Everyday felt like eternity In heaven
I don't know what you went through,  but it was wrong.  I never felt the sting of those names, they were just common words to me.   I never thought that they meant that. I never thought that your skin,
Ever since New York I tried to change my mind pushed away these little things and these little white lies. I was only 18 surrounded by fool's gold. I had no control as these fire proof clouds
Once upon a time...There lived a beautiful blonde babyWith skin kissed by the sun Her black is more beautiful than goldAs the story
Once upon a time I dropped a slipper Why did I do that Are my feet the size of a rat? Oh wow she is so wise Giving me a full makeover
Once upon a time There lived a girl named Cinderella She was an orphan living with her Evil Step Mother She was forbidden from ever having fun
Once upon a time  there was a princess in distress  living way up high in a fortress she cried out each day  the birds just flew away  when a princess came walkin by 
Live in a world where religion is a parody of its own meaning.Where true love is called perversion,And a preference is classified as a sickness.Where our young are nothing but impressionable
She said, "I hate my own skin." With so much certainty, That I couldn't help but frown. "Why?" I asked. "It's imperfect," she clarified. "It's scarred, blemished, and, worst of all, It's full of moles." 
  Its funny how when people look at me and they see me…They don't see meBecause I am not me I haven't been me in a long time…I hide in the closet where it’s nice and safeJust because i’m in a closet doesn't mean i’m gayI'm gay because I like guysW
He must marry for the kingdom, caged by commitment By order of the king, the fairest maidens were summoned,  A royal ball was called, Tonight he must choose.
I sat alone Waiting Typical fairytale I, the lonely damsel In a tower Awaiting a rescuer I sing and read and paint to pass the time Until my hero gets here One day he found me in my tower
I am thankful for queer history. However hidden it has been. I am thankful for the great artists and engineers of the Renaissance. I am thankful for DaVinci and Michelangelo.
I extracted myself from my family…...from my friends. I calmly plucked away, little by little, my involvement, my presence… existence. To no apparent end my soul grew darker than the pits of hell.
it’s how you take my heart wringing it out twisting and rearranging and i start to search for a prince in you all over again  
        Once Upon a Time…                         The only son of a King and his Queen was cursed,                         His fate sealed by the cruel hand of a dark fairy.
'A prince needs a princess'  he has been told all his life A woman, pretty women, go and be happy, prosper  with a woman pick a woman, a beautiful woman, make her your queen you can have any 
Take me to Atlantis, the wide array of sea life. I want to be where the merpeople are, and sing their songs of seas. Take me to Atlantis where I may meet my Princess, and she will meet hers.
Once Upon A Time, when kids could roam freely in the woods, When adults did not have to lock their doors,When the people of the village felt safe.  It was a time before chaos fell,  Before a tyrant led by greed and desire decimated all happiness, 
her lips part at the arduous notions of  stepmother bound to her trail of agony, shallowed dress keeping pace  with its tendrils attached to tressels of white lipped fingernails 
Once upon a time... Lived a poor young woman who wanted to go to college, A college of her dreams to aquire more knowledge. But this college was elite and also very expensive,
They locked her away put that dyke away shes frozen in her bones breasts like ice cream cones they told her date that man but around the room she scans spotting melted girls
I look at you and I cannot believe that you don't know can't feel my depth of love, cannot reach your hand inside my heart and pull yourself out. I wonder feverishly
What are things that you can feel, but not touch?
There were empty spaces between us And I couldn't tolerate them anymore 
  So here's the thing, We were never really friends, Our friendship was just a dead end, You were the one out of many who understands, But what surprised me was that we were always holding hands, Our relationship saw a future, It ended with hatred
If the looks I gave her were illegal, Surely i'd have a life sentence. I'd be locked away forever like my heart inside my ribcage,
six letters. one word.   Faggot. two syllables that make any queer kid in-or-out of the closet feel nothing less than unwanted unloved
12/28/2016 As flesh clad together turn in my mind, Something I’ve abstained from and so I find,
how to fall out of love:  
Messy, Daylight, Fences     She learned to love her, yes she did In those few minutes and few weeks It wasn't love strain'd (maybe Shakespeare'd understand) And it wsasn't love beow the belt
He’s just a token Of his family’s disappointment A silent reminder of what’s bad All the dark in this world He’s just a token
A boy or a girl, It doesn't matter because  You're still my friend 
America is not free, not until everyone has the same rights as you and me. We? Us? Them? Who am I to say we are the same. They fight to walk down the streets. I fight just to marry the man of my dreams.
My rights are being taken away! You scream while I cannot go to the bathroom in my home state. My rights are being violated!
bittersweet is a girl with two left feet somehow wanting to dance into my life and making me feel again   bittersweet
That feeling, those feelings, that tingling I have The twinkling, the gleaming, screaming within The bleeding, the pleading, the grieving that’s been Confusing when it’s who I am.
  Sometimes it's the little things
you and i should go everywhere we can all i want is picking flowers with you picking fights with them   you and i should
Sometimes you look at me as though i’ve never kissed a girl before. I cannot tell if it is pity or love which causes you to fret over my virgin lips.
Anna is the smell of oatmeal with pears and strawberries Illegal in the eyes of the judiciaries More hot and heavy than every star in Aries Anna and I held hands in eighth grade "Your hands are sweaty."
I am a lesbian. I am a human. I am alive. I have feelings. I do not hate men. Men have not hurt me. It's not a phase. I can fall in love.
Everything was closing in. The things around me were blurred as if the world had suddenly gone out of focus. And then I saw her. She was wearing a purple dress and was laughing with a friend.
I am from Cadiz, from the ¨gator pond¨ next to my torn down trailer. I am from dangerous bike rides, dodging trees. From climbing rock cliffs and pulling off ticks.
It took until this year for me to accept me To even realize I was drowning In an ocean of the heteronormative I was floundering
Love is just a joke.  Nothing but lies written on a note. Hearts of pink and red, thoughts of roses on the bed. Torn apart, As if that note were my heart.   A note with x's and o's
I thought I knew I was sure I was cool The summer fun had passed And then there was school Low and behold out of the blue
I am unique, like my fingerprint. I cannot be changed. My pride, the rainbows that surround me, are me. JUST KIDDING! I'm gay, but rainbows don't come near me. I mean, come on,
Slipping under the guards of yellow tape, that warns "stay away," burying myself into clouds and space. Locked into this haven, reserved only for my soul,  
          That Gay Kid In the darkest depths of the earth
Musician, or magician? Fingers dance along the arm of a partner. If you’re making me put lipstick on, isn’t it messy if we kiss? After all, both of us
Blood I can smell it on your sheets. I can see it in your eyes, I hear it in your voice. I know that I've lost you I can tell
I remember the colour of her eyes Staring up with me with more heat than that Summer day. All the fire, All the passion, All the greens and browns and golds.
Well what do you want me to be Dad? Do you want me to puff my chest out and speak with bass in my voice? Or would you rather me hang with the guys and talk about girls all day?
Is the closet really safe? Or was it meant to be fake     Played with like a heart               Who will soon be torn apart See,but people don't realize this That the closet is safe as is
  My name is Perplexed. Trapped in the past, Trapped in the present, Never see the future. My name is Perplexed.   Perplexed, All I understand. As love is between
Odd as it seems, I don’t remember where I was. I just remember my sister wanting to cuss
I need a place A safe place A silent place A peaceful place  A building where I can march up to a urinal and piss like nobody's watching
let me be clear, i am not trying to be political, i am only trying to exist.    
Christmas time brings upon cheer But this is the time Sham went to jail Sham as in mom The first woman my Gay ass ever loved Caretaker The woman who Birthed me out her canal
I was declared a Teenage attention seeker the day I came out as Transgender, because just being LGBT+ Was suddenly in style.  As though my gender was a prize to be sold to the next person that claimed it theirs.
Tonight was never meant to end in a murderous fiasco of hate and pain.  I crouch by the bathroom sink in order to preserve what was left of my dignity and desperation. With each shriek of the gun I crouch lower, lower, lower until my tummy reaches
I love him His beautiful smile His cerulean blue eyes His midnight hair. He loves me My blank face My dirty blonde hair My emotionless brown eyes. He loves him That bloody red head
I haven’t told my family and friends about these feelings, How I find girls more appealing. I wish I was freewheeling Because my heart is what she’s stealing.   My heart pounds when she’s near.
Why does it offend you?   Why do we offend you?   Why do I offend you?   Why does Love, offend you?  
I've seen many sunsets and sunrises. All unique and truly breathtaking. Each one was a blessing to my eyes.
  I'm here to warn you about a monster ,well not really a monster...more like a disease.
Why is this a world where people are punished for themselves? They say God hates gays, They say God hates trannies, They say God hates blacks, They say God hates Asians, They say God hates us,
As I grow older, I find myself falling for girls with a similar mindset as me I used to chase after girls Who were pretty, beautiful, but had no personality Something had clicked and in that moment I knew
SMOOTH IS AS SMOOTH DOES ========================== Dedicated to: The Classmate of Political Science II Fall 1996
I am not a freak Just because I am different From what you expected Just because I don’t fit Your pre-determined stereotypes
And his mama asks "what's wrong?" And he mumbles "nothing" And he runs to his room, And he bangs the door shut. And he sits on the floor by his bed, And he sticks his headphones in his ears,
these two situations are not ideal in combination: being thirteen, and realizing that gay is a synonym for your name.  but that was my summer before eighth grade.
Friend you left me alone today. Heaven your mind will depart to. Body stays to decompose down. You are now part of Earth's soul.   Friend you left me days ago now.
I don’t want to write about you anymore I don’t want you to think that you are as essential to me as periods and lowercase letters or that the structure of my life will break down and decompose and
I don't ever write about coming out because it's just never been something I felt I had to share People tend not to believe me anyway My hair is long and curly I wear makeup and dresses I don't act like one
49 colorful souls un-willingly sentenced to a dark abyss ...        or possibly an eternity on cloud nine? Shots ringing...       The immense fear of what might...   Rewind...
Oh, but the more I wrote about youthe easier it got, mouthfuls of poemsfilled up like my anxiety flowing out.I hope you catch the crown fire  in your mouth because before it
In this world that we live in, we’re all God’s children But how does it make sense that somehow I’m the exception I’m unique, I’m me, I’m one in a million
To my best friend. When we met it was the 15th day of 3rd grade I sat alone in the corner like I always had But this time, you were there with someone
My brother in arms Battles against the world, himself, And me. His entire family.   My brother in arms, An encyclopedia who seems to know the entire world— And everything throughout—
Anxiety and me Go hand in hand with my sexuality and me I am not straight  And I am not gay I am somewhere in the in-between
Poetry is words that need to be said It is words trying to escape Poetry is strength when all courage has fled It is words spoken   Poetry is what allows me to say, "I matter."
Oh society how dare you Promoting skinny as beautifulAnd fat is insecureBut at the same timeFat should love their curves And skinny should eat a hamburger You create these controversiesThat being single sucksAnd to strive for relationships But who
Every girl that I have dated has a little bit of you in her.
you had said,"i wish i had a clone...i want to make you happy...and i want to be there for youas much as you want me to be...i want to be the one."
to sin with love is to quite simply love, to judge someone's love is like judging art. you may not like the sight or even see the point but to others it may feel just right.
There’s this soft shirt you ownI like it when you wear it because it holds onto your perfumeAnd I can bury my face in your shoulder or rest my chin against your neck and take you in 
  To Aliza Le   I remember, sister-- The boys who used to pick at my sexuality like daisies
The main character loves me, the smart side-kickThe thought is a balloon that continuously rises
I can’t live without the first scent of the fall breeze. I can’t live without stomach aches from laughing so hard with my best friend when we haven’t seen each other in such a while.  
You’re not like me, they say. They’re right you know; I’m not like them, not like them at all; but they are unaware,
"Wow, that's pretty brave. Chancing on your mom walking in On you shoving a dildo Into your girlfriend."   The alarm screaming, burning eyes After not once allowing my brain to dip into sleep
I used to think,Why should I even try?It’s hard when everyone around doesn’t see what going on inside your mind,They don’t see the pain, the hurt, or the struggle. At 3AM I lie awake, crying because of fear
My friends try to set me up many boys And when they do I feel torn inside Wishing desperatly that they knew the truth I don't like boys, they aren't my type   I like girls with long legs and pretty smiles
Sinking deeper into my own feelings of concealment, / It's so much easier to tell a lie that you believe.
She smells like sunshine Bittersweet and blindingly bright Specks of dust that dreamily dance in her light fill my lungs   She feels like a stormy night Static shocks from her fingertips
made for mama's hands yes. i can fit mine in though an 80s selfie
She loves subliminal. If only your conscious could grasp her heart. I hold her, we dance beyond the horizon. Subliminally I tell her to have little faith in me. It’s not much but she is fair.
Do not cry, for to cry is weak, And I’ll not ever be weak, not around you. And hold your tongue, for words do rip, And I’ll not ever rip at you, not you.  
Maybe she likes sports Maybe he likes ballet  Maybe she's a he Maybe he's a she Maybe she likes girls Maybe he likes boys  We must be treated equal We are humans, not cookie cutter toys  
"You're going to Hell""God doesn't love you, he hates you""You're sinning"Well,At least my sinsAre not against anyone elseNot even myself. There is no needTo disrespect One another
You said I am like that feeling you get from letting go of a balloon, and watching it drift until it’s color vanishes. At first, it crushed me that you compared me
Give it to me Fingerlicking Oh Yeah This is heaven, you ARE my sin  It's innocence lost. If you got sny prettier, you can be my goddesse. Touch my heart but go a little slowly.
  Every time someone would ask me my sexuality, I would feel the words get caught in my throat And I’d try my hardest not to swallow them down.
Just another kid right? I just don’t understand what adolescence has to do with intelligence, because I’m talking to adult minds and I can’t believe there level of negligence.
i think of you and the butterflies, swarming my stomach, swim up and up to my throat in a gums are growing flowers, making meadows of messages i can only wish to speak to you.
i wish there’s someway i could tell you about not being able to sleep. i want you to view me with virtue; i want your opinions to keep.   so i can’t tell you of what i’m dreaming,
tell me you love me with stars in your eyes and i’ll run my bruised hands through your hair. tell me you love me, darling, it’s no surprise: i’ve known forever that you are there.  
  Holding silvers and golds into place on your neck, Keeping notes and to-do lists on a refrigerator in check.  
you, who at first made me feel different, and yet at once very much the same: my heart leapt, and my stomach twisted around every syllable of your name.   i don’t think i have ever tried so desperately hard
This poem is not about her small heart and how it beat against my chest, A steady stuttering rhythm, Th-thump th-thump th-thump.   This poem is not about her small hands and how they cradled my chest,
  Pull heartstrings while you pull Hamstrings, Make me feel your presence in it's entirety.   Lungs aren't full enough for you to linger this long, but I don't care if you don't, and
You told me I made you feel the way I feel when I draw circles under my tongue,                                     but I'm not very good with new concepts.Driving the nails into the coffin of my inhibitions,
For fucks sake I haven't eaten in three days I am too tired to stay up this late To do this stupid assignment that I hate I would rather be digging my own grave
I am a human I started small And grew up large Started thin And gained my curves I am a human I have two strong legs That carry me Daily Across school Across my journey
I am  A gay Catholic   A gay Catholic You say? Can you please Explain?   What’s there To even explain I’m Catholic And I’m gay   But they don’t
I don't have an aestheticI don't want an aestheticwhen I hear aesthetic,  I think anesthesia and I don't want to go to sleep
i am made of ice, my smile permafrost, and my cold and beat-less heart makes no sound. i am steady, and my morals never get me lost. my eyes are open; both my feet are on the ground.  
teach me to play the piano, and i’ll teach you about thermodynamics. your hands are too cold, and mine are too warm; don’t you want to know why that happens?   why, when we touch, you melt and i stiffen?
 Dear Straight Girls Stop wearing plaid Take off that checkered flannel Aand if I see you with those big “nerd” glasses on your face again I swear I will break them.
you have too much heart, and i don’t have enough stars in my eyes, and i'm afraid of loving you, because love comes in different kinds. and i fear the way you smile at me, the way that you laugh,
"There's something bad about her. There's something not quite." I heard a father say to a little boy one night.
You don’t know how long it’s taken me to write down these words These words will scorn me for the rest of my life I tried to talk myself out of these feelings, I’ve tried to talk sense into myself Just as you’ve taught me
So, I poem about me? Well, Me isn't the me you see. At least on the outside,that is.   Have you ever looked into the mirror and seen something you're not?
She sighs. I sigh. I'm looking at her, into those pretty green eyes. Kiss me, she says. And I do. Take off my clothes, she says. And I do. She tries to speak again but hesitates
For so long I have been taught,  these morals and told these stories. 
I'm pretty fucking great. Pshh, you know what they say... Okay, so I didn't start that way. I started by living my life on the day-to-day, had no friends, but what could I say?
Life is short, but life has offerings. So many offerings, that so many don’t learn to take. From a young age I was offered beauty and pain. The pain wasn’t a choice, but the beauty was.  
A Day unto which a child was born A child who held in his hand
I am here to represent all thos
When my parents divorced each other, At the age of 5, I told myself, I will be different, I will succeed.   When cystic acne ravaged my face and body,
I AM BLACK. Blacks fought for freedom. I AM WOMAN. Women fought to be counted. I AM GAY. Gays fought for equality. So why am I still fighting for freedom? My freedom is confined 
She was peerless as she sat on that bench,  Much so that an agonizing gust of wind couldn't ruin her unblemished appearance. She didn't have to say a word, not one sound.
Love is love, sex is sex. If God hated gays why would they exist? It's not a choice, it's how they are, they accept you, it's not so hard. They want respect, not remorse, give them their rights don't tear them apart.
Why'd you care if he/she had short of long hair?
It's not my right to judge, Its not my right to judge someone's sexual preference
You are either a girl or a boy, and that's it, right?You can be one or the other, not both and not neither.That's what I've been told, and I try to believe it with all my might,But I know how I feel, you don't.
It's weird to feel your chest ache,
They said, "you can be anything you want to be."
It started with a book All good things start with a book   I read the story that changed my way of thinking   The way we are sheilded In this "accepting" society.
All I want is 1 chance to make a fool of myself All I want is for the 2 of us to make pictures for the shelf All I want is to love you 3x4x5 times a day All I want is for our love to be 6 shades of gray
my mouth opens,
Close your
I used to be able to time travel.  The time-portal to the past and present was a warm, blue seat.The time-portal to love was through vast, green bamboo stems.
I cry at night Not for myself but for others For all the pain I have caused And all the pain I have endured I've been deemed unworthy I've lost so many Including myself
I’m not like the people you see on the streets, I’m not like the people you read about or see on television, I try so hard to be different because of my stereotype, I’m just like your friends,
As a child, youre taught: Girls dont kiss girls, nor boy another boy. As a child, youre taught: Boys play with Trucks, and a girl with a girly toy. As a child, youre taught:
My eyes are sore I imagine the red rims where all the thoughts swim and melt into a dream right before me   And ignore me, the very part that i've buried with the ribbons and the bows and the fury
I went to school again today
I must wash away the innocence,  Shoot the scared in the skull.
People are people Love is love Whether you're a girl Or whether you're a boy
Without filters my pictures ar
I'm Seventeen. I talked to my counselor today. The school won’t let me back to class without a note from a therapist;
It's hard for me to say That some people can't accept diversity Even in the world today. People can't marry who they love Simply because they're gay.
Chuan de, river blossom's day, Tian, Hua Fu rong chu shui, like day rissen from night, hei ye ni, and i, stand over rui, see those flowers hua cao? Wo kan, say i, why ta bu shuo? dark, night ta shi...
Him, so far away He, taken so distant, Oh? He's, still within me.
No matter what I do, No matter what I say, You will always see, What you want me to be.   You can call me "she" instead of "he" And you can call me by my birth name.
For as long as i can remember I have always been attracted to females But I had always been told that being attracted to the same-sex was unnatural wrong a sin just not right.
When she sleeps, her jaw sometimes slacks and her tongue sticks out And her eyebrows, which are very expressive, rest too. When she sleeps, she wraps herself so tightly in the solitude of her blankets,
I woke her up with a kiss After a night of making love by moonlight In a twin bed of a back room. I went and made her coffee: Black. Her arms wrapped around my waist Meant to be there. 
Now the days of sufering have gone away The feeling of depression is still with me  When I try to live my life day by day It gets ruined by a bully   When he calls me names I play no games
WHO’S FLAWLESS? Flawless because I’m contempt with the person I am / becoming. Flawless because I’m eighteen proud and gay. I am the problematic child.
I spent my life after I came out  And I found friends who were as gay as me  Many of us often were called "faggots" At one point, we tried to reclaim the word
Institutionalized hatred
These Castle Walls are stronger then they look. I don't  have the power to break them down, not as it took to raise them up. I don't want to destroy this beautiful master piece. Whoever built this, must have alot to worry about .
Student 1 Struggling to pay attention!  "Will my next class have better protection?" I'm in a place where I am expected to excel in every way, but why do I get treated differently everyday?"
"Up from the ashes"
  Dear MOM, I know I never said this,
Expressing how I feel sometimes confuse me a great deal Can I understand myself? Or better yet can you? I dont always say what I feel But when I do I keep it real Anywhere any place
I’m Broken up inside and I Can’t tell you what’s Wrong but I will Try to let you see. You’d Hate me so much because I’m Not what you dreamed and I Am so sorry but you
Thank you five, thank you places— don’t break curtain, crack that imaginative fourth wall where the boys must be chasing you; aren’t they lining up at your door? “We know”,
Why should I change..
The lies will continue  I will remain a prophet spewing out words  preaching what i'm not. I am to blame for my problems an unwarranted me ruining my chances. A life of normalcy too scary
As a woman I am told to be quiet Keep it down They try to keep me down Below you, looking up On my knees, I exist only in ways that service you They want me to hear, not to speak  
Society disapproves Of how I feel. It opens wounds That will never heal.   Our bodies are the same, But our love is too. To our hearts it isn't a game,
When I was a little girl I was scaredto tell the world that the other little girldown the road had a crush on me.Because I was worried that cruel peoplewould mock her or through stonesas she passed by,
Do you know what it’s like to be left out of the crowd? Do you know what it’s like to have no friends? Do you know what it’s like to feel like you are your own best friend?
My happiness is the way the sunlight glinted off his skin that morning The green flecks in his deep blue eyes. The way he timidly brushes his fingers against my hand while were in public.
I can feel the power of the stars transmit through her eyesTo my unworthy eyes In the mouths of those who claimI am incapable of loving herBecause I am a girl
Dear God, This is a letter from your queer daughter. Wait, hold up did this girl just say queer? "You are not a child of God!" Someone shouts! Oh shut up! This is my letter. Anyway you know I grew up in church
See my hands bound so tight Securely hidden Behind my back So I just sit here and fight You don't know how it is to be gay In an society Where you have to hide Your love everyday You don't know how hard I try To show you that
I see you looking at me,
Let her eyes scan the fall The wind blowing through her hair She hears it now All the words that were whispered Behind her back Words on how she was wrong How she could never be right
I can see the future ahead; Filled with laughter, Filled with joy, Filled with love. I can see the music; Hanging with friends, Just being myself, Being with someone.
Roses are red  but not as red as the sunset in my dreams,  where we're sitting together on the beach, laying, cuddling in the warmth of the ending day Violets are blue
Tonight I'm on the edge again
Holding on so tightly of everything you know, Only to find that you want to let it go, What happens when all the hate and a taboo Becomes Who you are, What happens when What you love Tears your family apart,
Have you ever had a secret in which you've held awhile; You see in the eyes of others that you're perceived odd or even vile; For you being different does not make you gross;
Identity Who are you? The biggest question to ask yourself Who are you really? Do I know or should I know?
  Here we come, a busy people trotting to and fro. You’d never guess; we hardly let it show.   In fact, I say, neither would they. They can’t tell, themselves. We’re blind and dumb,
It feels soft, smooth, curves at the bust.
The same brain, body and gender.   Having a light make-up,   We go out.   Wearing pink dresses and high-heels.   As usual...  
A blowing wind, 
We are groups of people made to hate because of who we love not what we stand for. Did no one listen to  your parents? You treat others how you want to be treated not
A face, they see, a smile so wide A heart, they hear, beats strong inside. But they do not know, they cannot see, The troubles and darkness inside of me.   A girl, my age, lives so far away,
I wear this mask obscuredly, I hide it best I can. For this mask is clear and transparent, I never did quite plan.
I dream of a beautiful woman I gave birth to years ago.
Cobblestone brusied skin with a touch of ivory And you knew how to get to me See you reminded me of my mother Yes oh how my mother would enter my consciousness With her ability to patent and sell silence
When he held my hand,
I should be able to walk down the street with my girlfriend. I should be able to hold her hand without stares. Why is there so much hate against us? We didn't CHOOSE to love each other.
Where you supposed to go when your home aint even home happiness is in the gutters have to close up all those shutters see these people here dont love us  so all we got is each other 
Sweetheart, let me in.It's time for our lives to b
Who am I? I dread to answer,
Enter head on, in your binding. So called companionship, misinterprets For; contract. For it will be a "duty" and "privilege".
People get so creative these days. All we ever hear when a new, un usual thing comes up now is "well, thats how it is now days." Sick they say! Sick! Am I sick?  so disturbing to some so interesting
Could this be true The words flowing from your lips Such hurt you scream Such pain you cause me Love can't be forced fore it is a force in itself Tell me to love her when I'm in love with him
Love is funny.  Love is weird.  Love is knowing.  Love is guiding.  And to those whom it passes, it is unintentionally hurting.
Why must we hide Why must we apologize Why must we be criticized For who we are inside   I see no reason to lie People are monsters Hating those who just want   To love  
nobody left, and nobody died, but the family count went from six to five. a daughter abandoned, shunned, alone, because another girl's heart was the place she called home.
Gay. G. A. Y. G as in "God hates you." A as in "abomination." Y as in "Why haven't you killed yourself yet?"   "There's nothing to be afraid of!" they say "It doesn't matter that you're gay."
innocent little girl oh how your innocence has been taken stolen from you like a thief in the night a thief with so much power a thief with so much aggression and anger
Where am I? The question we always ask. Trapped in a box wearing just a gas mask. Let me out. I can barely breathe. I want to be me, but you don’t fucking agree?
I  am the same inside.
How Would You Like It     How would you like it If I told you
Lively Merry Gleeful
Beautiful, strung up in the center of the room, leather caressing his wrists pulled tight like the blindfold pressed against his eyes. The centerpiece of a mouthwatering feast.   Suspended,
Being gay isn't a choice Because why would I choose to lose my voice? Not my voice physically, but politically
There was a little boy. It was his first day of school. He was very cute and attractive, with a chubby little face and a slim body. He had a walk that was more of a waddle but he was still extremely coordinated and never fell.
Why does she look like that 
I live in a world filled with fools, Believing there is only be one way. So their hatred never cools, for all the things that are gay.   "They are from the Devil!" All the haters proclaim.
Everything is just way too complex,Especially when you’re always trying to walk away the best.
Do you hate me, do hate me for whom I’m attracted to Well, its not my fault, I was born this way I can’t change it and I shouldn’t try I’m gay and I accept who I am.   I had hated myself for so long
In the short lapse between life and death, an individual is taught by society who to love and how to act.    It angers me that so many people follow what they are told. 
And I'll be kneeling on the floor Saying let me in too For all I've done Was try to mirror you You told me to love And that I did do I didn't think you specified to who
I don't believe this is it The do all end all Of all things I coud do Is finding love so wrong? Because I don't think so Is giving love so wrong? Because I don't want to be judged
Loving you is harder than anything I’ve ever known. Never seen, and never shown.
It hurts when you talk now, You finally listened. So many hints I gave, and so many times my eyes glistened. You look at me now, and just think wow. You where so surprised when when I told you that day. Leaned on a heater, looked the other way.
It's dark and alone in here But I still bite my tongue because it's better I don't mind the spiders and ghouls The reward means so much greater I would rather be what I am not To please my own kin
I will not be defined by my "stereotypical" gay voice I will not be defined by my love I will be defined by the actions I choose  I will be defined by lives I want to change  
PTSD, bi polar, adhd, and borderline personality disorder they say. Born dependant on crack cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol. Two weeks in the niccu, which I was lucky it was just two.
Out here, it's just you and me No one telling us who to be The moonlight and the stars shining so bright embrace us as we embrace each other
I have a dream that one day equality will mean just that. Marriage is a right for everyone. I have a dream that one day discrimination will no longer exist.
Does it bring joy to your eyes when you see tears in mine? How good does it feel to know that you make your on daughter ill? Your the person who birth me. But I would choose differently if it was up to me.
It’s been a couple months. The pictures are all gone. But there's no delete button For the pictures in my head. Or the words that you said. I’ve convinced myself that I’m over you.
It was our wedding day Full of love and admiration I looked into her gleaming emerald eyes I knew we’d remember this forever   It was our wedding day Friends and family sniffled in the Palace
My skin color may be black but I have a lot of colors that I don't lack like my pride I am proud of my rainbow But also I am considered a Rambo
I fell in love Woth a woman  Who taught me how to love.  Because of this love I'm a  Faggot Dyke Sinner Slut Whore; An abomination.  When did the world turn to hate?
Witnessing you in your darkest hour,
You wear vans In the dead of winter Through sleet and snow Those canvas kicks Damp and ragged From years of treacherous walks In damp grass And the rainy wood Across from your house
The thought of it, turns some stomachs, and makes them scoff.   Say we're just confused, that it's just a "phase", or that we're a sin.   Sometimes saying it out-loud,
Down at the ocean blue Whorls of sea foam churn madly Like the feelings in this beating chest My heart trembles like a victim of anthrax poisoning viciously suffocating
Gay. Faggot, Carpet muncher. Dyke. "You're Different" "Immoral"
Imagine a world of peace and happiness.
“God hates”
I think of when I was kid young and naive. Ousted by my own friend who left me for sports and the other who left for Arkansas. I remember the gravel I used to sit on 
You hear it all the time The cliched,  "There are only two types of people in the world..." But the world is more than just black and white
Chained and slightly battered, The oppressed, gay, different, strange, unaccepted
Every time I turn on the news, a family, a person, a life is bruised.
In 7th grade, I knew I was gay I didn't think it was normal Not to be straight So I cut up my skin And took a lot of drugs I drank a lot of alcohol And gave lots of boys hugs
do we have equality? i'd say no why can't my sister marry her fiance?but my cousin is going into marriage #5 why do i have no idea how to come out? and my straight sister never had to
  Mary said to Betty Lou I love you dear with all my heart. And Betty Lou then said to Mary We should ne’er be far apart.   So they held hands and skipped along Right up to the holy place.
The emphasis placed on between the legs Is what is reflected in the world today We have become so consumed with a person's sex That it takes precedence over the person they are Who they will become
I can't get my words out because the constrictor in my throat is begging my silence to keep it company. Because they're bigger than me and their burns sting like the cigarettes they want me to be So I stay silent
I stood, taking in the bright sun that sparkled against Carefully constructed costumes, Custom-fitted, emulating each and every soul perfectly. Incandescent Maroon,
I am a very religious heterosexual female. I am currently dating a guy, going on a year now. We are very happy together and we've even discussed marriage way down the road.
When my seventh grade self, Riled up over the excitement of having a girlfriend, Came out to my mom I said,
Choice is a conscious decisions We choose what we wear And what we say And what we do But Love is not a choice Love is a feeling Mysterious and dangerous Silently screaming
  Does he like me? Dances, kisses, cuddles Hands navigating unchartered territory So many firsts   But her touch Over the now chartered territory But this time was different
YOU need to change YOU utter words of pain Sharp enough to slit my wrist Yet clear enough for me to think Should I really end this?   The name calling the jokes It all never stops
Tap Tap wait Tap Looking for connection Looking for something that can't be found Hoping this time it will be there But it's not Hold Tap Tap Tap Wait Tap
I never thought my sexuality The way I love Would become the center of my world It would be the sun around which I revolve I didn't think I would become so obsessed So focused on finding myself
He doesn't have too many friends Then again, it's a small school None of us have too many friends But he doesn't have too many friends And he's walking down the hall And someone yells out "Hey! Look!
Bones rattling It's just two words Why are they so hard to spit out? Skin dripping Isn't this what you've been wanting? Haven't you wanted to tell them? Mind reeling
We all want change                 Life                 Love                 Politics                 Family                 Church                 Grades                 College
When we live in the freedom country,
They ask me if I'm confused? They ask me if it's a phase? They tell me it's a choice. That I wasn't born this way.
Gay. Straight. Bisexual. Why do we need these names? So what you're a girl who happens to like a girl? So what you're a girl who happens to like a boy?
Don't define the undefinable People are not words, people cannot be broken down No dictionary can tell me who to be  No thesaurus can find something similar So neither can you.    Everyone says:
So you want to change? I do. It seems so easy  So there So right Right?   If I could change anything It would be perception Myself My Community  The world?
We forget the words of equality that once were said, In the fight for Civil Rights blood once stained the roads red. First it was women, then it was blacks. Round and round we went and now we're back.
I love her with all of my heart. My broken, mangled, crumbling organ of love. I want to show her off, To hold her hand and kiss her in front of more then God above.   But my family's strict.
When I first met you, I was cliched With tropes and trie beliefs Which were only platitudes Of the firends who gave me grief   About being happy.   But with you I feel free unlike the
"Are you sure you feel okay?" he asked me   A bittersweet feeling filled me up to the brim With deep thought.  I cried, trying to keep the Demons out of the light.. I worried that
Gay, to straight, to something in between Whatever you are you, i am on your team. Girl, boy, however you identify yourself I will treat you how I treat everybody else. Full of respect and never judging you
we ask for nothing but to be respected yet you treat us like an abomination
They told me to marry rich,to marry "up."But we could make plans to live in cardboard boxes on city streets lined with blankets and flowers. 
The dim lighting hits your alluring body in the most perfect way.I stare as if I'll go blind by sunrise.
Bold Dark presenceWreaks its havocAmongst the people,Poison’d human Morality,Degraded by Brutality,Guarded from Equality,Caged by harmful Mentality.
If I could change, just anything I would change the way love is viewed. Some say marriage can only be between a man and a woman, But who are they to judge?
A twisting lock of hair falls round your face A shield of purple lacquer coats your nail As desperately I need to know my place I try and try and try to no avail.  
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt.” What a load of shit this is. Clearly, the people who spew this phrase have never faced daggers of words, have they?  
I don't understand "All people created equal" But their love is still banned.
There’s a picture In the yearbook
Sitting on the red bench The busted, rusted, nasty school bench The place I used to go when the teacher had enough of me What an ugly word Benched.   Sitting on the red bench
To the world Gay. Queer. Just a few words you call me. What gave it away? My short hair? My threads?   To the guy at the store,
If I could change the world what
"You are nothing but what you want to be" And what I want to be I must conceal I must hide Keep it secret Sweep it beneath the rug Never to see the light of day Put it under lock and key
Like a turtle out its shell Like bees around the hive Like a loud ringing bell I no longer need to hide  
A little girl of such young age No choice while being restrained Molested and abused Raped and used Sexuality that defines her Body weight that reminds her A fathers disappearance blinds her
He wakes up and rolls over Sees the love of his life And he loves him just the same As a husband loves his wife. Been together for ten years Yet no ring on his finger Because America the Brave
i am not in love i have dreams to marry to have children but i am not in love my mother is recently divorced but it is no longer frowned upon i would love to marry but somehow that is wrong
(spanish version) Siguen siendo noches frías por más felices los días. Le pido a mi destino, no seas tan clandestino, pues me vuelvo insegura. No puede ser este mi aura…
I have a disease.  I've had it all my life.  I never had symptoms until age 13.  I didn't want to deal with it so I ignored it until I was 15.  I knew I could no longer avoid it. 
In this little town it's not celebrated but being different is the best thing you can be. If you'd go to this school you'd see a bunch of the same. Who wants to be a clone? I was bullied for being different here
Others may just see a girl, beautiful and pure, But the moments when I look at you, I see so much more. For instance, I see shining stars dancing in your eyes, Though if I called them beautiful, they'd simply roll on by.
From the very first breath at fresh life she wasn't there. It didn't occur until I relapsed that I was eight when she came back. And they told me to love her even though she left me for the boys.
Her eyes, blue like a deep ocean. I dive in and feel the velvety soft water caressing my skin. I swim through the endless waves of blue. I don't thirst for air as I watch the sun dance across the surface.   
                                             Your smile, your eyes always leave me wanting more             The first time I talked to you is something I’d never forget
Love me, I a
What be of
Texas History Class in seventh grade blonde-haired blue-eyed coach is our teacher, hooray but what happens when he starts to talk about gays? to say that my cousin "Won't turn out right" because he has two mommys
So you wanna be gay, huh? Well I'm sorry fellow, but that just don't fly with me. You gotta be straight and man up. Show that God gave you some damn balls. You think you know what you feel?
  I have a magic power
When you walk through the halls and students don't know If you're a boy or a girl, and think their confusion don't show
#YOWO And I loved a girl with pain etched into her lips and death written along her soul. Art poured from her fingertips and poetry was carved into
I’ve known I was a boy since I was three years old It’s not only something I know It’s something I feel deep into the crevasses of my soul Most people don’t think twice of it
Let me be the one
My heart is slowly beating
I wish I could tell you about myself: that I love the whole spectrum of gender and that I feel so uncomfortable in my own skin that I want to peel it all away and become new
Everyday, I wake up, I shower, I  get dressed, add a spritz of cologne. I go to school, work, the grocery store, hoping someone will notice me. He, them, half the population. I scream inside my head "Please!!!! Notice me!
Their Eyes are on the Door (The Gay Scene)   Their eyes were on the door of clubs like Casablanca, where they wait to judge. They clutter together like leaves stuck in a drain, old ways refusing to budge.
Straight girl walks in a crooked line Straight to hell, ignoring the signs. Nothing is straight under pressure, Living under a forever broken spine.   Straight talk isn't so straight anymore,
“Conform to be like me,” they say, “You have no necessary need to be like you.” “There is no better way to play, Than the wondrous way I do.”   But what if I want to be dangerously diverse,
Down the halls its hard enough “Fag” “Gay” “Queer, that’s never enough Into the locker my face gets stuck A teacher walks by and gives me a shrug   Finally in class In the middle I sit
You've got me pacing back and forthYou've got me doubting what I'm worthThis is it now, I'm all throughI'm living my life and it's not for you
Love is Strong Love is Powerful Love is Free Yet is it judged Not being able to love whom we want for who we are But at the end Love will always concure those who judges
I've got a question foryou teacher, what happensif it's not a girl and boy?How am I supposed to love someoneand be safe with someone ifthey don't fit into those boxes?How am I supposed to protect
We, The people of America, who fought for Liberty, Freedom, and Equality, Continue to live in a world full of discrimination. “Are You sure?”
Everyone's views are different And I completely understand that. But why is it legal to drink alcohol, which when you have it in your system and drive can cause deaths,
The lunch bell rings, and not a minute too soon My stomach has been growling ever since noon Didn't get enough to eat in the morning, guess it's my fault But as soon as I set foot in the lunch line,
I see people walking byAnd I wonder what it's likeDo they see what I seeWhen they look at you with meThen I think of what I'd sayIf they ever asked why I feel this way
A fairy is real when a child is young, A belief is what that idea is among, Everyone believes in something, Societal change is what beliefs can bring.   Religion is something one cannot escape,
I will be whoever the fuck I want. Let me repeat that. I, Faith Rider, will be, whoever, whatever, the fuck I want. Everyone is putting themselves in boxes, "I'm straight!." "I'm Gay!" "I'm Bi!"
The dark colored eyes that hides inside holding the mold to every fiber that was once a destructive storm through the night. How do we transverse, move, breathe, converse?
May your eyes be there to watch over me, May your arms be there to comfort me, May your smile be there to cheer me, May your thoughts always lean towards me, May what makes you you always be special to me
Since when does my sexuality effect Your well being, Your family, Your life. Since when does anyone's sexuality effect Your well being, Your family,  Your life. It's a matter of fact
My eyes are green My makeup is black My hair is blonde And my thoughts are back ………………………… My soul is blue
It is okay to love   When I was a kid my parents told me about Santa They told me about the Tooth Fairy They told me about the Easter Bunny They told me about God  
Her hair is short And bitter sweet Her eyes are red She doesn’t sleep ……………………………………….. She lay awake
You don't deserve an opinion she said, As she rocked back on her chair and tilted her head. You're wrong in what you think, your opinions are stupid and stink. How I wish I could tell her just what I think.
    “i suffer from intelligence” -unknown well hey, unknown or not, it’s a great quote by a great mind, whose sanity has flown
Students stare when I pass from class to class, Teachers even give me double takes, And glare when they realize what they see. I'm not a boy. My hair is cropped short, my jeans bag,
Who is to say I am going to Hell, Without knowing my full story? Without knowing how I will spend my life? Without knowing all of me? Where will I go for being true?
Three years have passed since, There is no salvation from the mistakes, From the agony and pain I have caused my friends and kin. From the wrong I have done in this grim, This grimmest of days, months, years.
Oh the irony, To be in such disparity, And yet so merry and gay, Is this right is this O.K.? Do you think he was the same way? Witty Whitman and his writing foreplay?
Take a second to breathe, to listen. To hear the laughing and the whispering. I get it, we all do, it's old news. I'm gay, yes it's true. Yet you don't understand, acting rude and all whack.
When did I start being fabulous? The moment I was conceived. That little lapse of time when my father’s sperm met my mother’s egg.  
“Why can’t you be a cute lesbian?” Mom asks, staring up at me while she lays in bed. “Why do you have to be butch?”   Do you not get I was made this way?
Thank you teacher For not seeing in the bleachers A child sits there through the violence In silence. He is tormented and attacked With the words which he speaks not back To the ones who
A lonely child in the halls, no one knows but he calls, out to someone for help, they all tell him he needs self-help, this kid is gay and that's okay, he doesn't understand what he feels, he starts to skip meals, no one pays attention, he's scare
Who are you to decide who is superior? Who are you to say I am inferior? Peel away the skin and we are merely skeletons But you wear a mask to hide the comparison As if embarrassed of who you are
As I sit there listening to them talk, I wonder am I good enough, To be apart of this family, That no longer know who I am, Or what I have become, A female apart of Humanity that is no longer understood, 
  All the things I wanted to say Would not express how I feel Im glad I didn’t love you It was only a game A word that just seemed right   You wasted a year months days hours minutes seconds
You see things with envy, through your holy,and pure eyesAnything different, you simply despise“One must live proper, a man and his wife”We’d love to live peacefully, hopeful and true
His arms tightly grasped His eyes filled with love His smile blooms His heart races He lowers his head Their lips meet quickly Just once A boy rushes around the corner
We as a nation fail to realize what's what when it comes to politics. When something goes wrong we're quick to blame our president. If someone kills someone pf a different race, they're racist or a terrorist.
Take my hand again.It misses you, so much.It's lonely here withoutyou to share my tea.There's nothing to see.
There's a light in my heart And I want it to be voiced Just because I am different, does it mean I don't have a choice? Of who I love and who I don't Do I have to be straight to be normal?
I walk into class with a smile on my face. I take my work complete it and get an A. Although I seem like a normal student there will always be things you dont know. You don't know I'm gay in a family of religious freaks
As a child we learn about love, between a woman, a man and the sun. Pure and sweet as a dove, oh what a sick pun. No one taught me that song, I learned it on my own. Now you claim I am wrong?
She is Tall Brilliant Gorgeous Funny Amazing I am Average She is A girl who, when she says "hello" her smile is genuine And it makes your heart pound in your chest
Within the Analects of some genius, Beneath elegant metaphor, critical thought, Evidence and proofs; detect a scream From the unconscious simpleton.   There was once a time worse than this,
My life is a lie. Every day is a challenge As I put on a show for those closest to me. I was taught that these feelings inside me are wrong.
Everything is fantastic, euphoric even.People who've been there from the start surround you,Laughing, joking, smiling, even mum is bragging.“Yeah, I have the best daughters ever.”
It's everyday nowI'm always the targetI didn't ask to be gay, it just happened.They always torment me, "You're gonna go to hell."He pushed me into the back corner"I can make you straight"
When someone asks "Are you gay?" When someone says "You look lik a guy." When someone knows the truth they know me by no lies they just dont know it all the real alswers to their questions
  Teacher, open your eyes! You are feeding them all lies! We are living in a society so enwrapped with gender, I imagine myself becoming a bender. Not only of rules, regulations, and taboo,
  I see you you know, You think I can’t see you staring, At me holding my girlfriends hand, But I do, Oh how I see your judgmental eyes, Degrading our love, Like we are two animals in a cage,
I've been raised in a world that dictates who you can love. Not by the foundation of their character, but the structure of their bodies.  A point where I feel ashamed to mention that the girl walking past me is beautiful.
 She opens my eyesto a new world,a new universe,full of happiness;happiness to be with the one I lovebut also, a new world fullof hurt.They are constantly staring,plotting against us,
Everlasting, perpetual, eternal wait Each moment longer than the last Seems hopeless to leave it to fate Each joyful moment too short to last Biding time till the day should come
I feel your pain. I know the hate. I see the fate we're doomed to take. The cruel words. The harsh remarks. I share your scars, and broken hearts. We join hands. We stand tall.
What do I see? A world filled with hatred. I see a world were man can't be with man. They can't be seen holding hands. I see a world with double standards because if you're a lesbian it's cool.
Standing in front of the "holy" firing squad.Last wish on a pink triangle pinned on my shirt.Boss gives the countdown.Eyes closed and no regrets for how I've been living.
  I never thought this would happen, They would say, "It doesn't exist," I knew they were full of it, after our first kiss. From that moment on, I knew Love could be, I never thought this would happen to me.
Once I was hurt, Once I was shattered, Once I was young & knew no better. Now that time has passed & I've had time to heal, The love she has shown me has never been so real.. (For Christina)
these red viscous drops that paints our banner's stars and straps fake smiles and all these props it spreads like chicken pox and it cant be contained or put in a box obvious to the trained mind
I'm a chromatic entity A colorful enigma; different hues of reasoning Vibrant as a rainbow, dim as a cloudy shadow Are you understanding me? A red rocket soaring free; just let me be
It is time to get up;I hear the pounding on the door.He yells-because it is what I deserve
One day I’ll liberate my soul; my own mishaps have created the insecurities that soon will fade away into a cloud of dust.
Let us coexist and intertwine I want to fall into you, I want to be you. I am you. I am just like you, you are just like me. We are not twins, but brothers. You are part of me
Mucky, hot, permeating light Sitting static to find some reprieve Required event it’s hard to believe Today the day of our patriot’s blight Silly of me to wear long sleeves
If my son were gay,   I’d slap him   With a nice high five.   Because coming out to your dad,   Takes balls that most men don’t have.  
A poem by Alan Turing… Title: Who is Worthy?   Who can dictate whether or not an individual is worthy? Ignorant individuals view others based merely on their own journey.
      Since the dawn of time, critisizm, judgment, and alienation has been happening. Racism and hate has been spread.
With our fingers intertwined,our fate that forever binds,you are this love of mine.Bear in mind,though our hearts may not be combined,I will never leave you behind.In another state of mind,
I chose to be spat on in public.I chose to be called names.Fag. Dyke. Sinner. Abomination. Devil worshiper.Mistake.I chose to be hated by the ones I loved.I chose to be hated by the ones I trusted.
 Just dust I am, but God did mold my soul I saw the light but I was born in war My place of birth, no food it bore only war The crops did die; the men did die and die My mom did flee, my dad as well and I.  
I am an infinite doubter, But my hope weighs more. In this lifetime I could see Marriage equality. Marriage isn’t about the word—it’s about a cosmic explosion of wholeness.
  Why does  looking at her  inspire this  feeling  in my mind  between my thighs  that i can't control 
The piano hovers above and around me The soft lilting music drifts into class the notes hang heavy and the sound drowns me out as the noise level shatters glass
Always the little thingsAre the ones that make me grinWhether I like it or not,I seem to be drawn back again:  
My secret is out, A terrible truth. You watched my tears fall, With utter aloof. “Back your packs,” You muttered in disgust. “There’s no room for you here, It’s time to adjust.”
To my parents, A hidden secret awaits, Please don’t hate me for this, It’s not a choice. To my friends, The hidden secret is out, and I’m accepted by most, You choose to shun me.
Call me crazy to admit my past affiliations. Call me insane to pursue my aspirations. Shall I lose my sanity to issues of nonsence and dislocated tangents As I search for everlasting fullfillment?
It's a sinful inferno that blazes higher and higher, it takes a toll on my heart, it nearly tears me apart. People see angel wings, I only see other things like acid laced lips and,
Everyday we live our lives in dichotomy Will my decisions be wrong or right Straight or gay, fat or skinny, black or white If only things could be this obvious Trayvon was killed, and he walked
PrejudiceHateSo wrongWhat gives you the rightTo decide who I love?What gives you the rightTo detest me for my differences?What tells you that it's okayYou tell me I'll never be loved
When I look into the mirror I see me. I don't see 6 colors or 6 women, just 6 of me. But then I realize what you see in me. You've colored me a rainbow and that blinds you from the real me.
  The first time I admitted it was over text I knew I was about to make my life a mess "It gets better" was the chant I held on to the only way I could face that girl in school
I've searched my life’s peaks and hearts disappointments for gold, for money, power, fame. Drained, I can only see myself, in you.
Many are against what makes me me. Usually a pair of converse with cargo pants. A random hoodie that covers this head That holds these pretty cheap shades. The way I talk, How my voice projects.
  Every hour of Every day through All the years One question twirled through My mind   What am I?   And on the Twelfth hour of A random day I
Who I love should not define who
I am as a person.Why can you love her, 
butI can’t?What evolutionary methods refuse to releaseme from this cycle.Where can I go for my rights should not be a question.
  I was young, and I was Different Even though I was odd, I was also still innocent The agony, the deceit right in front of my eyes Yet I was too blind, maybe even paralyzed
Doubt is my destiny, faith my breath.To tomorrow, carefully I live, on pain of death.Interlocked fingers and combatting thoughts,It's love that lingers and the fear has been fought.
If all the trees went red,would you notice with your heart or your head? If all the sweets went sour,would you still devour? if all ends came with friends,would we want to mend?
DEAR HOMOSEXUAL.The clock's ticked through at least six months time since our lips last exchanged breaths of clear minded humor, our hands grasping at the promises we never intended to keep isn't it funny how the mutters of the masses change the m
Prop 8 You're so full of hate You f*cked up a state And forced us to wait   As bait for the courts You seemed easy to kill But not until bigots got their way Trying to "Pray away the gay"
  You ask why I write. I ask why do you care? It’s because words can affright, and make people stare. Words give me power, and other people hope.
  Full circle Press forward, harder, stronger…show ’em what you’re made of. Prick your finger – blood.  You are human, Alive.   Harness the light, Grasp it, hold it…be one with it.
Segregation reformed by lips laced with loquacious words,
Promoting the definition of separated girls and segregated worlds.Diffusing through hierarchical halls, paneled with the predecessors of freedom;
June 26, 2013 A date that changed everyone's lives but mine Because amongst this hurricane of excitement and acceptance My ship is stuck in port.   My anchor weighs heavy with fear and denial
Dang, were do I begin Should I start the story of my sin? Maybe thats too broad but here I go Im not your average 18 year old you know Once upon a time a few years ago I was a bad kid, stuck on the below
His fate was obscure like broken crystal. The shore of shards carved his existence, ambiguous like the grim sky's thunder. No more does the loving lark sing, for the sinister caws of the crows swell.  
Fuck you, I wish I could.   You flirt with me, Even though you don’t like guys? Bullshit.   You tell me: You have something to say. You don’t say it, And we lapse
Just because they are gay, we shouldn't take our right to get married away.  Walking down the road, hand-in-hand with their loved ones does not affect anyone around them.
Shoutout to the people who are always themselves, who stay true to orginality not caring who else,  is paying attention to way the look or the way they act,  and like having a life thats not staying on one simple track,
To express the entire entity of who I am I write. I write for the fact that living in this world of a billion people I stand alone with a voice stifled and unheard.
The pen, oh the pen, you are mightier than the sword Words, they say, can never hurt, I don't think they've ever been betrayed. Just a few words, just a couple sentences, That's all it takes to ruin a life.
(poems go here) Your song of love, so soft, so gentle I can feel it caress me. Your power, stronger than anticipated, you control me so effortlessly. With Mt. Olympus so high,
Pitter-patter, pitter-patter, In my heart, it is a simple matter. Or soul, the brain, the mind; Whichever you believe does the chatter. We paint it in red, purple, white, Some even coat it in blue
we didn’t start off as the hours on the phone type. both of us were completely comfortable in our own awkward silence. time was spent doing nothing most days. but it became something when beside her.
she had a stern brow. i could tell that the present was troubling her that she was stuck inside of her mind and there was no breaking free for now she was unapproachable
We sank our toes into the sand beneath the water While I told him how my father was like his father's father.
I smile outwardly to you because I don't need your pity, You see me as a happy, bubbly, and sparkling young woman. Did you ever realize that beyond my smile my eyes are filled with stories I'll never say with my lips?
And just like that I became the snake to your apple. However, you can’t deny the inherent curiosity you had swimming in you. Not a tadpole, but a Kraken inside your blackened multitudinous seas.
They lock you up They take pieces of you Inch by inch Try to force you Into silence Into willful captivity Caged birds cannot fly But they can still sing Do not let your song be silenced
In the past semester, I’ve learned and experienced, Valuable things. I met someone. A man of 23 years at a club, When I was 18. He and I clicked, First we ran together, Then he fell behind
Everyday is a war A battle to live Because when I go to school they create a new stab wound Dyke, Scarface, geek, pimple face I’ve been called them all
My friends Sit at the checker top table Play chess while sipping tea Intent on winning Our culture whispers down our spine: that is the goal.
We exist only behind the words we speak. Standing at this distance, we forever reach. We swallow the affinity because we know deep down it can never be. We put the dreams to rest and embrace the reality we live in.
The church stood on one side The street on the other And I was the illegitimate child scorned to no acceptance Bound to redefine the limit that could not be reached Forced to hide in the shadows
always told to love you unconditionally. after all, you loved me enough to sacrifice your son for my sins. sometimes, i wonder if you would have sent him down to a world of homosexuals.
He was born with these genes That got him wearing tight jeans And he didn’t have a choice by all means Living differently with sexuality that leans Towards another direction that caused scenes
although born a female, there was something that i knew i knew that i was different, thoughts that stuck like glue. i put on all the dresses, i did just what they said, but every night i cried, i fought hard inside my head.
I fought the will to live a tragedy, to sacrifice pain and wear a smile no matter what. A fool amongst wise men. A liar amongst the blind. A friend to people who have not a clue of the person I am.
He said to me "like lungs without air" that moment I realized we felt the same hurt I tried to keep my air but it escaped the minute you left its as if nothing as moved on. Time still stands Smiles still bright
Don't you know we're all the same? Skin and bones, a heart and a name. We're living life for a purpose together So who is to say whether Any love is right or wrong We come out weak, but we're trying to be strong
Denis holds her, tender loving, brand new to the world An unwritten sheet, ready to live Denis smiles, happy again. This new life has healed him from the loss of Johnny.
If I were one for praying, If I were to supplicate the gods, I would ask them to deliver me to you So that I may be humbled in the presence Of a beauty akin to that of the divine.
You’re not above me you just judge me in the direction you think I ought to go. You don’t know me so don’t show me that you think you know my dreams No one knows more than the one who dreams,
Our two demons came, with different form, neither of us to blame that we couldn't conform. Yours was a bully, against his words I was a shield, defended you fully, until he did yield.
I have a voice; Strong and loud. Can make people listen, People in the crowd. I know right from wrong; I'm not sitting in a cloud. I'll scream till you hear me; Scream really loud!
Sometimes certain situations are just so hard to deal with, other situations are easy, but the hard ones teach you a lesson in life, weather its for the worst or the better.
Like a storm hovering over a barren land Tears fill this boy’s hands They burn like coals on fire Fueled by words of hate and ire
I often look to the yellow lillies in the garden on campus Friends pass me and time shifts Is it not the success that people want? Or perhaps it's the driven motive in which we attempt to strive Unjust it truly is,
Dear Mom Remember that you love me And please don't try to change me But I have something to say That may shift How you see
There is a battle inside me Between my (guilty) conscience And my nature Between logic and feeling Between head and heart Between Scripture and hormones Between Leviticus and love…
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He didn't even know me. he passed me by like a river's torrent smoothly, he grumbled, "Nice shirt FAG!"
Fat Ugly Gay Retard Words heard Words felt Things the mirror reflects back, aren't always the truth.
It's hate versus love everyday, the slow decay of the human race, racing to save, the bit of humanity that's left, right from the start they said it was wrong to be gay.
I like this guy, I like him a lot in fact he already holds a place in my heart. I wonder and ponder what he thinks of me in the end it is me he doesn’t see. So I wait by the shore hoping someday he'd want more.
Statements that stay behind closed doors, they stay in the room Hover above your head Seep into your mind fall into your river of thoughts Sink deep into your conscious Straying off to your emotions
I forgot to do my homework "Dude that's so gay!" My mom won't let me hang out tonight "Aw man that's gay" How does this top make me look? "incredibly gay"
I look back at the few years in my life and I imagine what it would have been like to NOT have gone through what I did to become the person I am today. Mistreated. Abused.
I am a girl who loves a girl And believes in the Bible too There’s a fight in my head It’s not a fight to the death It’s a fight to realize who Knows what it means to love. Man shall not lay with man
~Countdown of Madness~
Shadows run deep throughout my soul like interstates. They converge into the darkness that creates me. The one thing that's really funny is.... That the creator of my creators were created by you.
I'm no Maya Angelou, Mark Twain, or Emerson. I don't yet know my dearest complaints, intents, or direction. I've never been hurt so bad that I've been deeply pained, I have, however, seen enough to know that we need change.
Love is love “Gender doesn’t define love.” Why is it people judge what they don’t understand? Homo, faggot, dyke, queer! Out of all the pain we mostly hold in fear. We endure and we take all we can.  
Everyone Has Their Story, So Here's Mine...
Love is us Sometimes i think words have difference definitions because love is you. When i look in your eyes its like im on vacation sitting by the pool like your eyes are blue.
I rather be called handsome than beautiful I rather be called he than she And i rather you say his than hers Not miss but sir you don't know how it feels How it feels to feel this hurt
Finding beauty in negative spaces Can be a trying test of your sanity But walking by, are a million faces Every one with a sense of vanity
Finding beauty in negative spaces Can be a trying test of your sanity But walking by, are a million faces Every one with a sense of vanity
I knew your pain, Your whole life was filled with it. I made sure, I, your daughter Wasn’t another disappointment
Since the founding of this country, we talk about equality But really it’s hard for me to see it There’s still racism, sexism, fights against sexuality So where’s all that spoken of equality?
I am free. free to fly free to cry I am not bound by earthly treasures nor do i give a second thought to those who fight with fists and fall to pleasures I do not, will not
I love you but you don't love me So technically I'm not IN love with you your oblivious to the things you make my heart do so i tell my brain not to follow through
America is known as the land of the “free” But are you truly free if you can’t even be Who you are, with who you want? “Free,” they say? That word is just a taunt.
I'm ready to get out of this small minded town people talk and preach but I never hear a sound They ask me what I want to be when I become a man Happy, but that's something they'll never understand
How would you feel walking down the street? Minding your own business just being a teen When a group of people behind you come to attack Only because in their eyes you’re a “fag”
Black or white, colors fade to gray, we stand together, United as one, nothing can break determination, no one can stop our stride, equality is one small step,
Homosexual A name they spit in my face I am still human.
my fingers fit consummately in between his and when i rest my head on his chest it rises and falls in a perfect rhythm i feel closer to him then i have ever felt to anyone else and oh the things his mouth and hands create they remind me of what it
Documentation without Emancipation
You see it everyday. That's gay! Since when did saying that's gay become okay? We all know that they are just the same as everyone else. With an attraction to the same sex.
There are people under the steeple Who can’t keep their eyes off the peep-hole. Why are their minds so weak and feeble? It’s misunderstood, so deem it evil. Mr. Man sits in Congress so regal,
Those eyes we see We walk down the isle All I can have is a simple smile I know all the hostility we create It does no matter I still have her All LGBTYQ We All Love You.
They say we are equal. Why the bullying? Do you think it's fun? Is it satisfying? The way you treat them? They say we are equal.
Holding hands is not an easy thing to do. It’s nerve-racking for the timid, and even more so for the different.
My rights are my rights/ got infinite time to put up a fight/ going through the system/ listen to your mther respect your father/ dont speak out/ dont stand tall/ fit the mold of the kid that will work till they get to old/ my dream job unattain
Though very different God made us One. Gay, Gender confused, Bi We are One. Together we can protect Our brothers and sisters For we are One and for One we stand.
I’m surprised I passed kindergarten I couldn’t help but to graffiti outside the hetero-gender defined lines Like an awkward categorization you attempted to force into a Venn diagram I never really overlapped
Back in the ‘60’s the movement began From Memphis to Selma the freedom trains ran Rallies and demos the fires did fan As civil rights came into focus
America Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, The Land of the Depraved and Enslaved Where voting is a universal right fought for by centuries of plight
Imagine a world where no one cares how you look like. Imagine a world full of peace where everyone loves you, for who you are, Whether you are gay, colored, or believe in a certain religion.
Talk to me about you while I Listen. Lay beside me To Confuse me about you and Me. Confirm my feelings By Portraying the Prince Charming who is Allowing Me to truly be All
I'm my own person, I'll fly with my colors or my style, You can't hold me down, With your collar and sting of insults and words to shame me.
Red orange yellow green blue indigo purple me myself and i
I want to be the smile that spreads across your face. I want to be the one that no one can replace. I want to be your dreams when your sleeping alone at night. It doesn't matter if they think it's wrong or right.
i never liked boys or pink things or babysitting or cleaning or Barbie dolls. i liked sweat and ripped jeans and books. i liked to face blank paper head on.
I am the homosexual A human much like the other Yet a monster of identity For my humanity is real But my beliefs hiss in the face of society Why! Simple The hammer of justice
who are we to judge what others like who they date to make fun of them to bully them all because of a 3 letter word GAY aren't we all are gay really we are but we just don't know it
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