The Asteroid Prince

He lets me know my emotions aren’t to be belittled, for they are natural.

He tells me I’m I’m foolish to have thought otherwise.

I know his love to be evident, yet it can be crude: this is quite factual.

I tell him he’s insane to still want my common ties.


Me and He are to fair life as a sole, yet distorted entity.

Considering He to be the one stability in Me,

I am content.

Never broken, nor bent.


To lay on these asteroids calmly passing.

This is where we meet in attempts of love.

Me, floating away, nearly dashing.

He, to fly away to me from struggle like a dove.

Though without the ability to be complete,

What is this paradise?
Could you call love like this deceit?

He calls it a heavenly sacrifice.


To be Me, I keep He at bay away from earthly malice.

To be He, he must keep the stability in the distortion that is I.

I was meant to be a planet; a perfectly structured palace.

I never ended up as the core of a stable planet-- why?


I am the Asteroid Prince and He has to go soon.

Back to Earth with it’s child moon.

Hopefully I am not to fall apart too far from my belt.

Me and He are separate now with agony being the hand I’ve been dealt.

This poem is about: 
My family


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