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I am the homosexual
A human much like the other
Yet a monster of identity
For my humanity is real
But my beliefs hiss in the face of society
The hammer of justice
Of morality, ethics, religion
Smites down on those who oppose
For they say opposites attract
Yet my same sex attraction dare defies the hammers might
Society glares with fiery beams
sticks and stones,
bricks and bones,
these heterosexual twisted drones
Declassify my classification
Immune to change
A notion so strange
So right, but so wrong
God may decree its Adam and Eve
But I decree its society and me
In unison
For I do not ooze slime from my body
I do not snarl, nor bite, nor howl nor fight
They call me a derivative of HIV
A walking, talking, living STD
But one is not born a virus
The disease lives in discrimination
Society is the virus
Twisting words to derogatory, demeaning value
The bundle of sticks deeming me the other
I stand here, a victim of the words and actions you brew
Looking to help the very same “monsters you pursue”
But I am still me, a human, I swear it’s true
So listen now, and listen well for the question is to you
To perpetuate the virus or invest in the cure
Learn to embrace a new view and think
What are you going to do?



This was really great! I really felt empowered by your words. Very creative & cohesive! Nice, nice, nice! Keep it up :)

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