You see things with envy,


You see things with envy, through your holy,and pure eyes
Anything different, you simply despise
“One must live proper, a man and his wife”
We’d love to live peacefully, hopeful and true
But you’re sitting with pitchforks; our morals a strew
You hate how we’re living, you hate how we love
You beat up our lifestyle, you push and you shove
We sit on the sidelines, while you come in first place
Is it true that we all play a part in this race?
You sit smug with your children, the ones that you’ve bred
And you see our adopted, while you all shake your heads
“It’s not natural” you say, as you hold up your sign
“We are fighting for justice, they’re crossing the line!
We’ve already got blacks that are running our stores
We’ve been generous enough we don’t need anymore!”
And you sit there with those grins that devour your face
“You’re nothing but fa**ots, a complete disgrace!”
We thrive in the nowhere, we hide to be straight
While our chances to marry are now in debate
It just does not make sense, it was just not meant to be
God did not make them, it’s Satan’s connivery!
We could hang them, or shoot them, imprison for life?
Or we could let them do it themselves, as they favor the knife.
In the end it is simple, they must disappear,
We ain’t acceptin’ those homos, those fa**ots, those queers!”
So we leave it to you, we hope for the right choice
But we hope this generation will carry a new voice
One that speaks diversity, and equality rights
But we’ll never stop living until WE’ve won this da*n fight!


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