Invisible Femme


I have a magic power

The power of invisibility 

I do not want this power 

This power has been bestowed to me 




I try to rip the shroud of invisibility off of me

I claw at it

I pull at it

I dig my nails into the fabric

I pass by my community invisible



A whisper in the wind 

The only time I am visible is when men would like to ogle me

To flirt with me

To fix me 

To show me I am wrong

I will take this no longer

I will destroy this invisibility cloak 

I will tear it 

I will undo its very seams 

I will burn it and relish in its ashes 

I will be seen by my community

I will be heard

I will be recognized 

I will be celebrated

My femininity will no longer hide me from my queer brothers and sisters

I will lift my femininity up and praise it

For it is part of me 



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