When did I start being fabulous?

The moment I was conceived.

That little lapse of time

when my father’s sperm

met my mother’s egg.


My little gay self

floated around in the womb.

My tiny hands

gripped a rainbow flag.

I waved that sucker

as high as it would fly.


Gay pride, Gay pride.

Too bad I wasn’t able to show it.

Closeted in my mother for months.

Closeted in myself for years.


Sixteen years old,

I’m still fabulous.

Nothing has changed-

nothing will ever change.


I’m still that flamboyant creature

my mother and father produced.

I’ll be fabulous until the day I die.

Even then,

I’ll still rock the rainbow.



I love the lines "closeted in mymother for months, closeted in myself for years". Beautiful!


aww! thank you! :)

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