Figure me out

Mon, 12/01/2014 - 02:16 -- AndreB

Expressing how I feel

sometimes confuse me a great deal

Can I understand myself?

Or better yet can you?

I dont always say what I feel

But when I do I keep it real

Anywhere any place

In my mind im always safe

I shy away from attention

no thanks on honorable mention

I see the beaty in life

and think about alot

when something unexpected happens

I just say why not

why not expect the unexpected

My perfect thoughts are unprotected

perfect thoughts in an unperfect world

I know things dont always go my way

Dont allow myself to be blinded by ideas

Are you honest with yourself?

I can tell you im not

its hard to figure out what I really want in life

Well actually not much

just someone to talk to

like a bestfriend

you know someone who's there through thick and thin

To help me find that person I have within


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