Support Gay Rights

When we live in the freedom country,

you'd think we had our own rights,

In most of the U.S. we still don't have same sex marriage.

someone please tell me why we decided Gay rights weren't allowed?

Someone please tell me who this would hurt,

if someone married who they loved?

Someone please tell me, same sex marriage, How is this still not allowed!?

Someone please tell me, how is it our place to get in the way of love?

 It will not hurt you if someone married who they loved.

It is not our place to have an opinion of who someone else loves.

Man and woman, man and man, All the same in every way.

There is no way you could prove to me that Gay marriage is unethical.

Because in my eyes, we're all the same.

If you're always trying to find the wrong, you will never see the right.

The point to this is we live in the U.S. supposedlyThe state of freedom.

Yet, where is the rights of same sex marriage?

Not anywhere I can see.

We are getting better, but still not good enough. 17 out of 50?

That is not even half! Still call this the freedom country?

Our society has made being gay such a sin,

In MY opinion, taking someones rights to love should be a sin.

But what do I know? All I ask is you except reality.

Some people are homosexual.

There will always be someone that is.

When you try and take away those rights, I find you quite foolish.

So be a man, Support Gay Rights. 

My name is Averi, And I support Same Sex Marriage.

And I Always will. 



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