If I had a dollar

Thu, 09/24/2015 - 16:18 -- nesje11


My  impression "strange but funny" 
Parents impression "feminine & funky"
I thought "lowered truck?" 
You can't even take it to get stuck 
You've not had a relationship? 
Dude get a grip
You were Never one to hangout with girls a lot
Until I got caught. 
I was your lie,
Which was real sly. 
Those 2 months were 2 to long. 
Blinded all along. 
Should've noticed the signs. 
Should've read between the lines. 
"I need to meet you" I said. 
"She's breaking up" is what you read
We had the same feeling
So It was a mutual leaving
Since then it's been daily,
Definitely shady, 
& i haven't noticed a lady. 
You got mad & accused me
So your face is now on my golf tee. 
You talked like you wanted me back,
But I wanted to give you a smack. 
"I could have fixed it in a split second"
But I learned my lesson. 
A Photo of you & the other closet was posted. 
You thought I was roasted. 
When really, 
sexuality was questioned, actually. 
Best response was the bomb. 
"I don't get it. Are they a couple?" From my mom
You called your self out. 
Might as well go all-out 
Cause it's something to write about 
Definitely can't face the truth 
Ain't like loosing a baby tooth
Show every body the real side
Go worldwide 
Don't hide& Show your pride
If I had a dollar,
For Every time I was asked
I could pay for a lawyer,
& you'd be put on blast. 


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