The rain falls, the ponds

The rain falls, the ponds are filled, but sadness and gloom it brings. 

I fell again, in what they call "love". 

But this time is different, a kind of love i couldn't easily get over, 

like that gum that has an endless flavor, or the craving that makes you just go to another world.

Carzy in love you might say, yet like the gum with endless flavor has ended. 

Me a human with the symbol of a circle and a n arrow pointing north west. 

In love with the same gender. How much of an idiot could have i been. 

Imagining and idealizing that. Hes nothing like me yet my heart  calls him. 

The handsome guy, in the same Spanish class. With curly hair, brown eyes and brownish skin. 

The guy whose presence made me smile, and whose laugh was contagious. 

Whose smirk made me happy, and who shattered my heart. His fault is not, yet i felt so glad when he gave me signals.

To unfortunate find out hes straight,  is hard but never impossible. 

To one day, find the ones you love, and the one who will save the day. 

I have hope, but also doubts, im an optimist, yet i can fall.

What will be of me? 

Will love save my day?


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