If Time Heals Most Wounds, Can It Hurry The Fuck Up?

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United States
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As I grow older, I find myself falling for girls with a similar mindset as me

I used to chase after girls

Who were pretty, beautiful, but had no personality

Something had clicked and in that moment I knew

That there was something about you

And I didn't know what to do.


The first time I got my heart broken was after I played myself

Had my mind thinking one thing

When reality was something else

I try to put that in the past

I try to laugh and smile

But I know it's gonna take awhile


They say time heals most wounds

But is seven months too soon?

Does time know about your hands

And the way I held them dear and close to my heart for fear of letting go

Letting myself fall

Does time really know it all?


Because if time does know,

Imma need time to stop eavesdropping and mind its own damn business

Not to sound so defensive,

I guess it's good to have a witness.

Because I'm clearly out of touch with reality

Because reality was not you and me


And I can continue pretending

Like I'm not messed up

Put a smile on my face

And shut the fuck up.

But that's not what I'm here for - But I'm also not here to tell you I want more

Because I know you're not listening

And that's fine because I don't want you to be mine no more


I don't believe in love - told you that from the start

But then I met you and realized I had a heart.

Not too long after that I knew

Because of your similar mindset

You didn't believe in love too.

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