At This Distance


United States
38° 58' 31.0548" N, 94° 28' 10.8372" W

We exist only behind the words we speak.
Standing at this distance, we forever reach.
We swallow the affinity because we know deep down it can never be.
We put the dreams to rest and embrace the reality we live in.
The reality of this distance.
At this distance we forever wonder what hinders us from walking it.
It's that leap of faith we fear.
The fall we must take and the prayers we must pray, the hope that someone will catch us.
It's the distance that's killing us.
The distance limits us.
At this distance we can only dream.
We can create these fantasies of what life could be, but never will be.
That invisible person we manifest in our mind.
Behind one thousand words we create a creation of the purest of beauties.
We create this creation untainted by the world.
At this distance we maintain the perfection.
We dare not traverse the broken road for fear we'd break the mirror.
We can't bear to ruin that perfect reflection they hold in the recesses of their mind.
A thousand excuses are strewn across this distance, each weaker than the last.
At this distance we remain safe behind the words we speak.
No judgment takes place.
We never have to face the fear of being unfit.
We hide behind the truths we've created that help to sleep peaceful at night.
We allow these truths to tell us that we are safe at this distance.
We wrap ourselves in the vagaries of what could be.
We keep ourselves from the inevitable hurt we will face.
At this distance we allow ourselves to be alone.
And only escape loneliness with the thoughts of that person standing at the other end doing the same thing.


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