The Main Character Loves the Smart Side-Kick

The main character loves me, the smart side-kick
The thought is a balloon that continuously rises

She makes my brain short-circuit
and my check was twitching because my face didn't know how to express that much joy
And I've never cried with laughs in the place of sobs before
And nothing I've ever said out loud has affected me as much as "I love you"
I couldn't even kiss her, I was shaking
My chest was cherry red
My ears were guilty 
She loves me, she loves me, she loves me
Not matter which word has the inflection the meaning stays and I mean all of the inflections
SHE loves me, she LOVES me, she loves ME
I had been telling myself that this would be a casual romance
I had been telling myself to hold back, and here it all comes
I am in love with her
She is in love with me

And it's honestly terrifying because this is serious
This is the stuff of wars and novels
And she repeated herself in Whataburger today
Her Zoloft prescription needs to be refilled
Everything I feel is pure and undiluted but the world is a dirty place
How can anyone expect me to censor myself when I've officially tapped into the stuff of legends, daydreams, and pop songs?
And she is still a slave to her chemical clam and it's illogical to imagine that my love could replace pill bottles
Scenes from Pride and Prejudice played all the way home, scenes from my bedroom, her thighs muffled the sounds of it all, my knees against aged carpet
I still don't know what my problem is, physically

But I clung on to her in the Navarro parking lot and my joy bubbled through the words "I love you"
And now that I have her love I can't live without it
And I called her as soon as I got home.

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