fall in love everyday

yesterday i fell in love

fell in love the day before too

and the day before that

and on and on and on

stretching back to when i first met you two


by “meet” i don’t just mean the first time we crossed paths

friendly smiles exchanged in the school corridors

though i treasure those memories because they contain you

they were not the time we met


i met her in the summer

a late night watching our favorite show

the one we can no longer stand to watch

there was a moment where we screamed

over two animated boys having a conversation

and i fell in love with the way she loved them wholeheartedly


i met him in a park

the cold of winter, sat on swings

i asked him about his father

and i saw something

it’s hard to explain but

i fell in love with the way he loved despite the hardships


and day after day 

i fall in love again and again

separated by computer screens or distance

or the fact they don’t know the depth of my love

but watching, and cataloging the tiniest things

like a dragon i hoard the way i see you love


i can’t wait to see how i fall in love again tomorrow


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Mohamed Tahir

Beautiful and true.

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