For Display Only

I remember swiping on your profile

Your eyes like stormy skies

I remember your smile

The way it tilted slightly to the right

And the way I couldn’t stop staring at you


But it almost feels illegal

Like my eyes can not afford

To linger on such beautiful things

And you are a beautiful thing


And perhaps I don’t tell you that enough

But I remember when we matched

I was watching a movie with friends

And then suddenly I wasn’t


And that movie is now one of my favorite movies

But I couldn’t remember it the first time

Because all I remember is you

And how crazy it was that I was talking to you


Because this body of mine

Is not used to being seen with such luxury

And you will always be a luxury

The way your facial hair looks effortlessly perfect in every way


And you are perfect in every way

I just wish I wasn’t so busy

And I just wish we could’ve met sooner

And I wish our stories could end with each other

Or not end at all


But some gems are only for display

Sometimes the most beautiful things

Are just out of our reach

And no matter how much we stretch

We’ll never be able to touch



This poem is about: 
Our world


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