hoodie stain

I don't have an aesthetic
I don't want an aesthetic
when I hear aesthetic,  I think anesthesia
and I don't want to go to sleep

I am not a dog you can put in your purse
and if that purse was fake, I wouldn't know
I don't like lady gaga
but don't care if you do
just because I'm not like you doesn't mean I'm "not"

I support you

and I support myself

my spine is strong

I don’t need a mold to stand straight

I am not standing straight or standing gay

I’m standing on my own

I have pride
I have love
I have a stain, on my hoodie
that I fell asleep in
after studying
I have 3 exams tomorrow
I have stubble, on my neck
I don't worry about neck in the morning
I don't worry about my pants in the morning
I only have 20 minutes to dress up

because I only have 6 hours to sleep
and I want them all

I won't pick out your dress
I won't braid your hair
but I'll be your friend
a friend is not an aesthetic
I'm not your gay best friend
I'm your friend
and if you need my advice I'll lend you an ear
but I'm not going to call you "baby girl"
or tell you to work it out
because I am more than a prescription
an addiction

to what society says I have to be

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