College of Her Dreams

Once upon a time...

Lived a poor young woman who wanted to go to college,

A college of her dreams to aquire more knowledge.

But this college was elite and also very expensive,

With her money she couldn't afford to move to Memphis.

Working at her job in the coffee shop,

She met a short man with a sense of fop.

After some time they got to talking,

The young woman told the short man about the college blocking. 

The short man liked her and presented to her an offer,

"If you were to marry me, I would pay for your college, not a huge bother."

This was finally her chance at her dream,

But the idea of marriage was quite extreme.

After she could just run away or get a divorce,

But what she didn't know was that the deal would be reinforced.

The man left the young woman without even a name, 

How would he marry her without that little domain?

Days later she received a call that she was accepted,

Certainly the man didn't get her in, that would be unexpected.

But that would mean she would have to marry a man, a MAN,

It was that short man's demand.

And after the call, he came, she couldn't marry this guy,

He was a man and a man she hardley knew with no name to go by!

To this the man responded with a growl,

"If you can guess my name you're free." His breath was foul.

The young woman was in horror,

To guess his name you'd need a sorcerer.

He said tomorrow was the time to guess,

She would need 10 years at best.

Throughout the day at the cafe she stressed and worried,

Then another woman saw the younger who seemed hurried.

The other woman asked the younger is she was alright,

And then the young woman looked up and saw the other was bright.

She told the other woman what was troubling her,

Even though the young woman was unsure.

The other told the young woman she could figure out his name,

For she knew him familiarly, their apartments were the same.

The young woman thanked her and asked if there was a deal, 

The other said genuinely her kindness is real. 

The other went to her apartment building with intention,

She leaned against the short man's door with some tension.

She heard "Grace smiles upon me for I will have a beautiful wife soon!

She will never guess Rumpelstiltskin, and I will be her groom!"

The other woman heard his name and went back to her room,

I can't wait to ruin your day she crooned.

The next day the woman met the younger and told her the name,

And by the time he got to the cafe, he thought she was tame.

He smiled "So have you guessed it?"

"Yes," She smirked, "Rumplestiltskin, right?" And it hit.

"WHAT??!! How did you-" He looked to the other woman.

"You... I can't beleive..." and he just left, like he was banned.

The younger woman thanked the other but then asked "Are you free Saturday?"

The other woman looked suprised but just said "Yes... Okay."

And then the two lived happily ever after.

The End.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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