Captain of my ship

She was peerless as she sat on that bench, 
Much so that an agonizing gust of wind couldn't ruin her unblemished appearance.
She didn't have to say a word, not one sound.
with one glare my heart would start to pound,
god it's not fair, how did I get blessed?
She was downright sheer, even when she's not dressed!
I feel as if I'm part of a movie, (I know that is cliché),
this feeling is what love songs are made of (well, or so they say).
she is the captain of my ship, we conquer creatures, realistic or from myth .
She navigates me quite well, she's not Edward John smith.
It's her I wish to spend every day with, there's no one else in the world,
it's her who in my arms I wish to hold for the rest of my agonizing days full of fluency and delays because she's immaculate in every single way 
she make life worth living, it's quite wholesome, fulfilling, just awsome
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