How Could You

Sun, 03/12/2017 - 23:00 -- ssf837


Sometimes it's the little things

That cut deeply Your words cut like a razor blade Glinting menacingly  Against my skin  Sometimes it's the little things  That I don't think you even understand  Are wrong  Sometimes it's the little things  That become the big ones A deepening spiral of hatred  Starting with  Just one word Words don't matter, right? Wrong.   How could you say "faggot" in front of me? A word rooted in cruelty An ugly word A hateful word But that's right, you didn't know  How could you say "that's so gay" in front of me? Just because some men found joy I wearing lipstick? You didn't need to rip that happiness away But that's right, you didn't know  How could you say "I mean... gay people do make me sort of uncomfortable" in front of me? Tearing down the bricks I'd built around myself A world I'd drawn myself into One less like ours One full of love Now crumbled at my feet But that's right, you didn't know  How could you say "it's like she's a lesbian or something" in front of me? Just because a girl finds solace in hugs Blinded by childhood  You tried to hurt her With a word that's not an insult You'll never know That I still remember that  But that's right, you didn't know  How could you hold my flag  But still preach so much hate? The face of a nation of liberty Bringing hot tears to my eyes  That spill out, uncontrollable  burning tracks down my cheeks But that's right, you didn't know  How could you kill someone like me? Point a gun and shoot A crack piercing the air Then silence Plunging a celebration of pride Into morning  Even if you didn't point the gun, our society built the man who did But that's right, you didn't know   You didn't know That I was watching That I was listening That I had been plunged into a world of confusion  A storm of labels None of them seeming quite right  You didn't know That I wasn't sure if I was gay Or bisexual Or pansexual That I felt lost Even in a community of love, acceptance, and rainbow flags That I was escaping through my drawings Because this world was simply too frightening   You didn't know But now you do Please don't do it again You never know who might be listening


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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