Up from the Ashes


"Up from the ashes"

Can I rise?
Like wind skimming on a soaring shore, sweeping over mountains formed - by years
 can a man be lifted, uplifted, gifted and cheered?
Can I rise
Like Maya Angelou, or do I have to stay down, with bowed head and lowered eyes
Or must I as a man, not be forgiven for past crimes
Up from the ashes -
Formed in flame, born with the name of my ancestors master
 can I not have a story, can my soul not be molded like plaster
Can I not be trampled by others glory and power
The hour, can't hold me longer than the 60 minutes that it has me for
I wait, fallen by the door, listening from the floor, as you cry to me but I am helpless
Trapped by my own bondage, my own fears and these years, have not been good to me
So I lie here afraid, allowing the darkness to be dark, the anger to be angry, and feelings to feel
Like skin peeling I peel, away layers of the challenges I've faced since conception
Coming up from the ashes, I've outsmarted deception
Stomped my feet in the soot of burnt dreams, and swept them away until my spiritual house was cleaned
God has given me the breath
He lifted me when I had no strength
And told me to arise
Out from the dark
And up from the ashes

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