It is okay to love

It is okay to love


When I was a kid my parents told me about Santa

They told me about the Tooth Fairy

They told me about the Easter Bunny

They told me about God


I went to church because it was customary,

I learned what was written in stone

To be written in my head like ancient carvings in a cave

And I thought this is normal.


But when I was old enough to think on my own

I saw two guys holding hands

And this had two be wrong

And I thought I was right to think that


Because the preacher preached to me

And society speaked to me

That this was NOT normal

And that I am RIGHT to judge them

But I was wrong


How could they be happy if people like me

Tell them their happiness is not normal?

Who am I to tell them they cannot love.

Who is anyone?


And today the “higher powers” tell us what is right

But what is right?


Beliefs aren’t beliefs if they are etched into your brain

And the thoughts that you think are not yours to begin

And these beliefs that are handed down are the reason for pain

But we do NOT have to believe these beliefs once again


Ask yourself


Who am I

To judge those

who are



Where is it written that love is a sin?

From what book did this all begin,

Through lessons and pages our children learn hate

For those who are different

For those who aren’t “straight”


A simple message can be taught

To end the hateful remarks

Of guys who like guys

And girls who like girls

And that is


It is okay to love


And this is me saying that

I will not judge happiness

And THIS is my normal


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