I see you looking at me,
But do you even know what you’re looking at?
Do you even see what’s in front of you?
I’m a person, a person just like you.
Yes, I may be different, but so are you.
I’m a person who loves, laughs, wonders
And always asks why?
So why do you look at me like that?
Why do you look at me like I am so different from you?
Do you love someone? Me too.
I love someone who’s just like you,
Just like me and just like everyone around us,
But a little bit different. 
We’re all a little bit different. No one’s the same.
I like boys, and I’m a boy. What’s wrong with that?
I love boys, you love girls right?
What’s wrong with me?
What do you think is so wrong with 
Loving someone with your whole heart?
No matter who they are, or what they are
The color of their skin or their gender.
Who says there is anything wrong with that?
I’ve never been told that love had flaws,
Not until you sat here. Looked into my eyes—
And called me a faggot.


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