Don't you know we're all the same?
Skin and bones, a heart and a name.
We're living life for a purpose together
So who is to say whether
Any love is right or wrong
We come out weak, but we're trying to be strong
Girl and girl, guy and guy
On the streets they pass on by
And who can say that isn't right?
Has anyone ever lived their life?
Love is love, doesn't matter what kind
Because any type is so hard to find
And nobody can take away
Any person's right to say
They are who they are, they love who they love;
Regardless, it all comes from God up above.
And if He can love us, with all of our sin
Then we can love each other, as equal humans
And just remember, all love is the same;
There's no reason to judge, no one to blame.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

well said

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