You come into this world with the reassurance of acceptance and love.
Boy like girls,
girls like boys,
boys wear blue,
girls wear pink.
All these things are planted into your mind and like a tree

they make roots and they spread and they wither.
1st grade
2nd grade
3rd grade
4th grade
5th grade
It starts to happen,
the change,
like a wave washing away a city of people who just want to be loved.
You see him or her, and that tree is uprooted.
You’ve heard of them,
the LGBTQ +,

the people that like the same gender or change themselves,
this  “lifestyle”
and you’re not taught that it’s wrong but it’s different,
the roots in your brain won’t allow you to see that they’re to same.
You might say,
I support gay rights,
when you're the one that created the need for them.
The closet is a four walled wall to separate us from you,
to show that we are different.
The little boy or girl can’t see through all the clothes and once they see,
they realize this closet as no doors.
The closet has no doors
and they are afraid to break the walls down

because on the other side might be the noose

waiting for their neck to be hung from the words of the people that don’t accept them.

They have to tear and scratch at the walls until their fingers bleed,

not of blood,

but of loneliness.

You might say,

this doesn’t happen,

well wake up.

See the girls and boys that think it’s better to end it all then to stay here with you,

because I’ve seen.

I’ve seen the people who choose blades over backpacks,

darkness over light,
who think the dark voids of hell are better,
because that’s where you’ll go.  
Salvation is more like sexual orientation.
This nation, the one I speak,
in the one I breathe in
might give me rights,
and I might be free,
but we will never be truly free until every LGBT- no EVERYONE
feels safe and welcome to be themselves.

This difference is like a spotlight,
shining on the victim of the curse laid upon them by god.
Why god why?
She asks,
knees bloody with praying to a god who does not listen.
Be quiet.
They don’t see that Gay is a synonym for spinning colors

Gay is a word that today is used for bad.
The word that made me nervous to write this

like the endless sorrow of a song without a melody.
The remedy doesn’t lie in me,
it doesn’t lie in you,
it relies in us as a society
but how can we change society if all we can do is state differences,
not similarities,
how can we change if we can’t even rearrange the thoughts

of what’s good and what’s bad.

How can me liking a boy change who I am.

Change, change you queer

Change you faggot

Change you ugly piece of trash





These words not said yet amplified from you

No I don’t want to dance with you,

Get your eyes off my hands as if they’re ready for nails

Get your eyes off my body as if it’s ready to be impaled

Stop with your looks and stares, we can still see them

Stop with your whispers and gossips, we can still hear them

Stop with your lies and falsifying ties

Stop with your words like glass storms they cut me

Just like her wrists





Why do you stare at me

Why do you care about what I wear

Why why why

Stop with your hatred and your justifications

Stop looking at me as if you’ve never seen a gay person before




A gay person is just a person



God is gay too

God dammit you Homosexual

but not just you

Everyone in the LGBT not the LBTG or LQTGB













Stop deciding god's plan for me,

when all I see is sky,

and for a moment,

just for a moment,

the world dies.

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