Why must we hide

Why must we apologize

Why must we be criticized

For who we are inside


I see no reason to lie

People are monsters

Hating those who just want


To love


Who they were made


To love


No mattter man or woman

No matter black or white

Love has no color


In fact, it's color blind


God does not make people wrong

He did not give you a mind

To be ignorant about those

Who are different than your own kind


And the truth is, we're all just people


Should she be so terrified

That her son will be patronized

Because he has two mothers to tuck him in at night

They're better than any "father" who left his son behind


Homosexual or hetero

They're two of the best mothers I will ever know

Their love is unconditional

And their hearts will be the first place


Their son calls home

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