I am a girl who loves a girl


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I am a girl who loves a girl
And believes in the Bible too
There’s a fight in my head
It’s not a fight to the death
It’s a fight to realize who
Knows what it means to love.
Man shall not lay with man
Says the Good Book.
That place says not who to love,
But I must say that lust
Is a sin too often overlooked,
As such.
But still I feel wrong,
Because my aunts and my mom,
Believe so diligently it is sin.
But look to first Corinthians
And tell me my love does not fill
The words on those pages,
Or that my love isn’t real.
I feel with all that I am, what they felt
When they found love with a man.
But still they cast this all down.
I am not welcome to the house
That I grew to love and helped me grow
To find my first love in a man
Who let his sons drive nails
Through the palms of his hands.
I saw that love as the epitemy
Of the person I wanted to be, and they know.
But the heart they know that is mine
Matters no more, when at my side
Is a stranger I have had to hide for too long.
I choose now and forever,
To let my love for her be known,
Because my love for her only grows
And it is so beautiful, I cannot hide it for myself
I must give everyone else
A chance to know the true love I’ve found.
So that all may see that I am good
With Him and her and we pray,
For a day that he may bless us
With little ones to raise,
In love and in His name.



That was amazing. I could feel both your emotion and pain. And I stand with you as a straight white woman in the fight to not only grant the rights of LGBT youth and adults, but to also cease the judgement that many "believers" have cast down on so many.

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