If Roses Are Red...


Roses are red 
but not as red as the sunset in my dreams, 
where we're sitting together on the beach,
laying, cuddling in the warmth of the ending day
Violets are blue
like the shoreline that we walk 
after the sun has made its retreat,
and the silver moon has come out
to dance with us 
along the tide
Cheesy love poems though mainstream, overused, and cheesy still 
describe how I feel about you.
Roses are red,
like the color of your lips after I kiss you and I don't know if you liked it or not
Violets are blue like your beautiful eyes that shine even brighter when they are my wallpaper on my iPhone 
Candy is sweet like the sound of your voice, even when you're telling me no. 
Roses are only red in my dreams 
like the sunset and like your lips. 
Violets though blue in reality 
are even deeper Sapphire in my head
like your eyes,
the shoreline,
your boxers,
your hoodie,
those jeans that you wear every day and tell me that you have different pairs that look the same when really I know that they're the same because I pay enough attention to that same exact stain on your upper thigh near your pocket where you reach in to rest your hand when you are uncomfortable. 
Call me observant. 
Because I can see that roses are red but not as red as the blood 
that rushes to your cheeks 
as you smile at me.
Call me observant
because I can see that violets are blue, 
the way you feel, about yourself. 
Call me observant
because candy is sweet but only sweet to those who take time to taste it.
You never cared to enjoy the adventure in opening a box of chocolates
You cared too much about what you got. 
if it wasn't the right thing you would simply throw it away
no matter how many hours you spent to save the money to buy that box of chocolates.
Roses are red like the box of chocolates
violets are blue like the font on the box 
"I love you"
in a hue so deep that I could never be that sad but you
know that sadness. 
You're afraid 
and I understand. 
you're unable now to come out.
Once one builds himself in that closet
with lock and chain
it's almost impossible to break free
Roses are red
like the blood and sweat 
blue like the tears that went into building your walls. 
Walls that might never break, 
and walls that if I had a chance to
I would travel back in time 
just to have you enough time
to break a single link in the chains that tie you up. 
Roses are red
like the anger whenever I bring up the topic of you being
who you are. 
And violets are blue
like the ink that you write the countless letters to me telling that I am wrong,
and what I am is a sin.
Roses are red
like the blood dripping from my broken heart 
and violets are blue
like the teardrops falling from my eyes into your blue ink 
creating streams on the paper
reminding me of the shoreline
reminding me of the strings of your hoodie
reminding me of the seems of your jeans 
reminding me
That you are a river, 
and I have been swimming in you 
for far too long, 
and reminding me that you
have a waterfall at the end, 
and I'm about to go over 
but I don't know what to do,
because roses are red and violets are blue
but how is that going to help me
when no one cares.



That's Beautiful and very real and honest. Thank you.

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