It's The 21st Century, Get Over It!

Everyone Has Their Story, So Here's Mine...

"He's Cute, Sexy, & Nice"
Is What I Thought.
Didn't Understand What Was Going On.
I Was Confused, But Amused To Men.
I Was Trying To Figure It Out, Here & Then.
I Did Things That I Regret,
Things I Can't Forget.
I Look Back At The Things I Did,
& It All Happened Because Of What I Hid.
My True Self.
The Person I Thought I Was In My Mind,
Was The Person I Tried To Hide,
Try To Disguise,
Try To Leave Behind.
But The Mind Can't Be Fooled By The Heart.
The Heart Knows What It Wants,
& It Knows To Who It Goes.
In My Case, It Was A Man.
A Man Is What My Heart Desires.
It's Men That I Truly Admire.
My Friends Accepted,
My Family Accepted,
Girls Got Rejected,
Asking "Why?!
Why Are You Gay?!"
And As I Always Say:
Cause I Was Born This Way!
Now I Live My Life Happy And Free,
Making The Most That Can Be.
I Express My Sexuality
Because I'm Not Afraid To Show Who I Am.
I See Others In The Closet
And I Try To Be A Person That Can Be There For Him,
For Her, For Me, For Them.
It's The 21st Century,
Get Over It!
We Are Who We Are,
We Are All Human,
Love Is Love,
& We Stand Strong.

This Is Me.
This Is My Story.
What's Yours?


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