Don't Judge me

Why does she look like that 

Why does she always wear that hat

Don't judge me

Why does he like other guys

They all stand around and critize 

Don't judge me

They proudly state their opinions and let them be known

As if someone elses problem was their own

Don't judge me

With your proud looks your wicked stares

about my style about my hair

about my love about my hates

about who i choose to date

Don't judge me

you dont have to like me but your the one telling lies

saying you love everyone but look at me as if im nothing but a fly

that you would love having under your boot

making jokes about me for you and your friends to have a hoot

Don't judge me

you write on my car you give me weird stares

but now ill let you know that i do not really care

i am not perfect but neither are you

look deep withen yourself and you know that it's true

i am not saying what i do is right

but everything i do doesnt need to be under a light

for everyone to withness for everyone to see

when i have my own problem just being me

but  only God can judge and he isnt you 

he will love if i'm and if i am blue

many people kill themselves because they feel no love

how were you sent from the heaven above

before you proudly stick your nose high into the air with a aura of Conceitedness 

I have just one wish

Don't judge me

Let that be God's job and you just love me instead



Absolutely Amazing !!

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