I Am Who I Am becuase of Satan

Christmas time brings upon cheer
But this is the time Sham went to jail
Sham as in mom
The first woman my Gay ass ever loved
The woman who
Birthed me out her canal
An I made an abrupt fall to the toilet
Did I mention she was peeing?
She had no job which means we had no money
EBT filled our pantries
No money which means we had no lights and barely the apartment
Did I mention they towed our car?
Before that time I wading in and out of life
Anything to get a feel or glimpse of what real life could be
I was only 14
Dreams of being an Obstetrician in the Army pondered in my head
I couldn't fathom that the world was so defective
My inability to judge caused agony to grow throughout my soul
The woman who raised me not to deceive
Had committed the ultimate sin
My angel at first glimpse
Lured us in with promises of love, stability and a nice warm bed to loathe
This bitch was no Angel for everything she touched surely shattered
Four crazies EBT (check)
Homeless mother with 3 kids EBT (check)
Satan EBT (check)
So why in the hell was my sisters and I always hungry
Why in the fuck did the crazies not eat?
Your getting a check for these people
Food covered every inch of that home
To others you were a saint
Always concealing and covering up your in discrepancies
I never made the mistake calling Satans house my home
One day my sisters and I came there from school
You had the mattress off the bed and all the covers gone
So we slept on the floor
Was nice enough to let sham have the couch
But I knew exactly who you were
Hiding and trying to preach about God but your dirty and foul
I was 15
Sham finally was blessed with a job
Satan drove her to and fro work complaint after complaint filled
The car
I didn't know what fresh air smelled like
Or what it felt to be a teen
I migrated from Satan lair to school everyday
Outside was out of the question
I grew up fast and as fast as
My head sunk beneath the water in Satan guess bathroom
We were released from the lair
Satan helped Sham with the first month rent
An that was it now im 16
More like going on 40 becuase childish tendencies lack from my mental department
Living with Satan for a year and being homeless for 2 was the best thing that happened to me
I'm no longer wading
No longer out of touch of what real life consist of
I spot fake and float above
To what's real
Thanks Satan I am who I am becuase of you.

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My family
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